JNU MMS scandal – please protest it!!! We wish to help the girl- THE HUMAN RESCUE TEAM, AIIMS,JNU,TISS..

A real breach of conduct , you can say it. On 26 Jan, 2011, The grand Republic Day,  when we were  moving in JNU  with flaring national flag on our shoulders for propagating our Shaheed March against corruption, we got casually informed there  about the incident. Allegedly boy has cheated his girl friend who was going to be married.  Both were in Living in relationship  for long time. They had  announced the happy breakup and even thrown a party for it. We urged to inform the girl about our help line, but girl was missing since publicity of MMS. Considering the honor of the institute we were silent till a call for help comes to us. Boy was some day even got thrash-ed by his hostel-mates but not for sure. Girl’s marriage got broken , because the boy allegedly sent the CD to her to be husband home ( this might be fiction even).  As CD was moving in campus for many days or months, many would have copied  it.  It’s very essence of the contemporary mentality of our society, all enjoyed it with great taste, some stated it to be the best Hindi blue till yet. You may question us that why we were not disclosing it . Yes we have answer for it, even our counterparts at JNU were not going to take risk to bring it in view, that,s honor of our institutions . But even you are not eligible to question us over it. We are working for months on Human Rescue  and realized very well that all the running systems including medias wish that we could go died. Only then they will get food from us.Vulture culture is flourishing in country, Individuals are get heard only when they get killed or raped, not before, even we inform and urge.  We were very eager to help her, but were not getting her. Now when news is  in air accidentally , we wish that girls should be informed if possible that we will help her legally and socially. We request from people that kindly express their annoyance public-ally to the incident and let the boy know that civil society doesn’t favor his act. IT’S LOW SENSE, WHERE EVER IT BE IN JNU OR AIIMS ( yes we include even AIIMS) OR ELSEWHERE , it should be condemned. JNU is  now seeing its low days, the institute which was famous for intellect it’s  students , is facing blue scandals now. JNU needs to be awakened for its merit and responsibilities for the country. Any way it’s  Culture of Corruption  in country now and we can’t blame only legislators . Public is equally corrupt. So let’s weep together if can’t cry for it.Its common destitute for us. We are going to be destroyed definitely, nothing less if could not understand it now…part of justice is done…we got FIR registered at that time and the accused got nabbed by police months later  but we couldn’t contact girl for rehabilitation, in fact we don’t know still how is she! Whatever you tell it but we are up to this only in this case.

The Human Rescue Team


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  1. Hey,

    If you have so much information on the boy , give it to the police , this is not an internal matter of the university !! , it is a criminal offense. And the boy should be in jail , and his face should be published in every news paper , plus the court should make an example out of him . His behavior has nothing to do with the universities reputation.



  2. Posted by chetan kumar on February 10, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    yeh atyadhunik samay men kamti jati sambedansilta ka hi bidambnapurn udaharan hai.vyawastha ki nirsansta ka sikar yuva man nairasyapurn paridirisya ko rach jugupsa ka anand uthate hue bada hi badsurat hua ja raha hai. swasth yuva man partikar kare yehi kamna hai.



  3. i like this.



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