The   Commissioner of Police,   Delhi


Subject: About socializing porn CD of a undergraduate girl student in JNU by her so called boy friend , who is postgraduate student of same institute.





Sir/ Ma,am

I Dr ashu kumar a postgraduate student in AIIMS  on behalf of THE HUMAN RESCUE TEAM , which is a knowledge group by students of apex institute of country and citizens and helps individuals  in emergency conditions , want to take your attention about the much stated porn shooting case in JNU. As per my friends in JNU , who are not ready to disclose their name, the girl shown in the video was in living in relationship for long time with the boy shown in CLIP.Both were staying together in Tapti Hostel jnu. They gone breakup due to some family reason and in reaction boy cheated girl . We are not confident of story but as CD was moving in campus for long time and now its Online probably. So our request to you is, kindly do needful to save the prestige of girl otherwise girl may commit suicide or may be tortured by family persons. You are even requested to file a FIR against the BOY and associated culprits. Whatever we know, we are ready to state that in court.


Yours sincerely

Dr. ashu kumar

Hostel- MMRDH

Room No.- 116



The Human Rescue Team

09891082658, 09015216082,09650537374

Email – aiims.ashu@gmail.com






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