JNU MMS SCANDAL- FIR GOT REGISTERED, WE BROKEN THE FAST, DCP CONGRATULATED US/ its not so, they just cheated us!!! We are big fool!!!

Now let her know that GUYS OF HEAVEN re-honored her. She is no more a cursed. We washed all evil from her, she is blame less now. JNU fragrant with RIG chants still. Tell to her  ‘HUMAN RESCUE TEAM” has invited her to be a rescuer. Its only way to heaven now.


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  1. Posted by dr ashu kumar on February 13, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    They just cheated us and got self configured in puzzle. Our representative was ignorant about legal papers , he got fool, that much confident that he stopped me from checking by me self. Any way our ignorance helped our motive . FIR news published in different answers by different media and police and JNU administration could not explain it.We want to meet the chief security officer of JNU , Mr Sagwan ..again, we could teach him , how much he illiterate he is and lying what costs. These are nothing more than illiterate guys.With what intention they are examining alleged porn CD , we don’t know. He was asking us , what you know, we wish reply him in Q , we know about you.



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