Earth Quakes – Showing an Irregularly Regular Quick Pattern- Be Ready to Handle More Tsunamies and Human Disasters until an Autofix Develops as It’s an Ailing Heart: The Human Rescue Research Repertory

Earth is going through  cor-relational  changes with nearby planets or other celestial orbs???… And we are evident of a series of continue insults in the form of irrational environmental status, quakes and tsunamis. A correlation of the Sun – Moon-Earth angles has been mentioned since ancient time and many  patterns of calamities are mentioned in the sacred scriptures as in Chapter – 14th of The Holy  Bible mentions about splitting of the Mount Olive in the Dead sea. Rig Veda also mentions the altruistic effect of the trio on  the earth psychology and geographical dynamics . Our informatics says that  explanations provided by these scriptures  might be less scientific but they are providing definite observational patterns of the study by the human kind, which is soul method of any research for all times , so these observations should be given due attentions , of course  should not be believed blindly!!!


Seismologists are saying earth axis has been shifted from 23.5* to 46* – is it really so ??? …then it will definitely be the cause of ectopic- We do not know of the earth but our heart informatics ensures  for this, heart has a like balance. The heart philosophy of arrhythmia says that if a rent occurred in  the heart wall , it will prolong only with subsequent insults . Cause of the insult in case of the nature might be the angle/relation changes between orbs. ( we should look up on the moon even, it might have ground events like earth vice versa!!!). But earth is exactly not the heart , it follows physics only and not the biophysics  , so no suicidal ends readily .  In-spite of destruction it will proceed to  an auto-fix as is rule of nature. An effective rent along fault line will cause a heavy strain on earth axises and axises will try to re-fix . It will cause a huge wreck along fault lines and at the places where the restraining force gets blocked will go a huge split and  either it could  be mountains . An event not to be imagined  but its not a new story , It was happened earlier (the history repeats itself many times and a fresh start reappears). It will create definite changes in the geography of the earth and might be a stable event with no sub-sequences in near times.  Its a thing to be sure but when ??? Let’s google it!!!


In past  two decades    400-600 % increase in earth quake incidences ( plz check it self, we are not confident of data) and in past 3 years almost all inert volcanoes are showing reactivation ???

Earth quakes have a definite pattern around the Ring of Fire (mid pacific region between Europe , Asia and Africa- check attached pic)

Dead Sea Transformation  ( DTS) zones are region  vulnerable to quakes???, then nations around Syria are at great risk???

There are definite line of probable future insults at confluences of tectonic plates of the Europe, Asia and Africa . Most of the earlier insults are concentrated around these lines and they are weak links of the future insults ( an arrhythmia hypothesis from  the heart, check attached geographical pics for similar proof on earth)

A Global Economic Earth-quack will be more disastrous than the real earth quakes – Oil zones are at  central target of Earth quakes !!! …and expectation of huge human loss in amidst countries which are poor in the human resource management???- (check attached pattern of human loss for previous insults)

Asian countries are prone to a moderate vibration but effective tsunamis??? India should be alert of it???


A live research of changing behaviors of coastal organisms  can help in prediction of Earth quakes ??? This method is mentioned in the Vedas & the Purans ( Prajapati learned   the information of disaster by sea  from a Matshya , he ridden over the Matshya and rescued itself from  the destined death- Prajapati is a symbol of the life here) . In the holy Bible how Noah rescued his kinsmen from disaster;  Assyrians told same story thousands years before arrival of the Bible with another name, the wrath play by Lord Mardruk when only family could be saved by kindness of godess Ishatar and parallel to it we lost the glowing civilizations of Haddapa,  Mohanzodro, Lothal and many smaller ones …its stated that there was a river named Saraswati; in which flood some of these enormous cities got submerged, but where was the  human  knowing that it was actually a composite wrath at many parts of the earth at a time!  Ahur mazda , “The Lord” in  holy Avesta (the religion of Zorastrians is not more than a ”Resurrection” of a dead culture on the land of modern Iran by the holy man Zarathusthra and all that inscribed by him actually occurred thousands years before him and this revelation again re-surged to the inhabitants of  modern Iraq, the land of Assur- the Ninveh on the bank of Tigris and now its opposite bank called Mosul ! – “The Assyrians” ; but again  probably hired this lord from some one else, who ha become the lord of world’s most of the religions straight from Egyptians’ the lord of dead-the lord inscribed in the “Book of dead” -“The Ossiris” –  to the all knowing one of the Hebrews and its descendents;  it was actually the philosophical element Asur of the Rigveda: the lord of asynchrony initially  and later identified as Varuna: splendor of the sunrays on the sea -the lord of mystics:  the water god, the all seeing one! So see how big is thIS circuit and now all is intended to revolve on itself again, when we would be exploring the science of human ! The transformations of the luminous one -“The Sun -the Rig”  or the Ra of the Egyptians’ can be understood back), who is considered all knowing one as his name, warned Yama ( that time it was not recognized as the god of death) the care giver to the beings on earth, to care for his inhabitants to cover up and hide in good way as a great snow age is coming- Yes they pre-informed the humanity for incoming of a disastrous glacial period in the region of warmth, which almost amounted to change the way of human, all human evolution is the summary of four glacial periods and inter-glacial periods in between, what Switzerland you enjoy is the product of natural wrath on the earth as there were no ice there at all) is giving a pre-information of the coming disaster, how did he get it, is different thing but the prophet- ed disaster really occurred, same is mentioned in anthropological history of  the Maories (a primitive tribe of New-Ziland which was actually not the native of New Ziland ), they survived of a huge disaster on a pre-information only . There is a evident sea disaster in earth  developmental history near Madagascar and Gibraltar, which re-patterned the geography ( its true!!!- canal of Panama was not always like this and even a bridging in the sea bed between India and Sri Lanka is near to be proved thing as we are assimilating human evolution in India with the evolution of the earth, yes it might be true, you can’t make an anthropological investigation totally baseless as its incorporating integrated research methods to research evolution and mixing of races – the geoinformatics to the genomics ! But its natural development of the sea and not man made as they interpret the Ramayna !!! So you will have to learn how to retrieve stat facts from mythology, they are false in the wrappings but true in the core, an  historic information  just can’t be totally absurd! )


How did the early man ( early scientists???) get  a pre-informations of disasters???


Animals and other organisms which got evolutionary development in parallel of the human  can provide real information of the nature , they can help in predictions in fact . Dogs have  the capacity to perceive the slightest  vibrations ( any one can ask its proof from us, we are studying life) and so the elephants and the mammalian fishes (Matshya of the Veda ) as the whale – the reason behind that is perfectly scientific – these animals went to  a parallel evolution with the earth while  life forms transited from sea to the earth or vice versa! When the sea  shores were just hips of loosened soil ( Dal -dal) and there were repeated quake insults to the earth so developing organisms got an inherent capacity to sense these vibrations  in developmental process for rescue shifts. Check a street dog near your home , how much did it enjoy in the sand !!!( …these animals have bigger Nucleus proprious in their spinal chord…In deed!!!)


So primitive people were not just fool and scriptures are not  the bundles of the lies only . They did not had laboratories like us and they were used to learn from their own observations only, kept their must records and transferred the valuable concepts in the form of epics to the next generations. This is still an ideal methodology of contemporary researches  but we now compile facts in a rigid and boring manner and not the concepts only but fine details even.The way our Grays’ Anatomy is different from The Gita.. is its statement of the hard facts and not the soul concepts!!! Check associated pictures from different science articles predicting future earth quakes.


Plz share an idea with us, we are just with suspicions still !!! Help plz!!!



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