Psyche of An Alleged Stalker Killer Ram Singh Alias Vijay and How to Save A Radhika-The Human Rescue Team Research Repertory

Did  Ram Singh come under definition of a psychopath or obsessed at least ???

Noe! Its greed and ignorance of media and police , who try to make each event sensational and as a harsh news.The people who do not understand  the difference  between psychology and psychiatry even are busy in diagnosing else for satisfying their own crave and logic!

What is  really compelling a semi urban guy like Ram Singh to choose an urban girl for liking and then to kill his liked one???

Some days before , we were to a junior editor , TOI with a complaint of spreading psych imbalance in society with obscene publications . We were surprised that editors are aware of their self culpability , but did not improve the alleged blame yet. We have to say that , just imagine your self as a semi urban young ….all the medias will serve before you the all live blues without distinction . You will see that no one has even a tint of morale or care for the basic institutions. People are learning a culture that they will put all  their shame on the road , a  should be private life open to all. When a stranger or less liked one will approach  them with a lure , they will allege him/her of encroaching their privacy , they will insult him/her , even could arrange a torture of the same.Ram Singh’s action  primarily  states a reaction of a less honored and deprived one and nothing  more . If our legal systems can’t secure a citizen , we can’t put all blames  on the killers. Ask Respected Ministers why doesn’t  their governed police accept an FIR or act on a complaint by individuals threatened of life or respect !!!

How to save a Radhika ???

…as we do for each case of individual emergency , Radhika like girl will have to learn  to be the self guide of the situations . A stalker is not always a criminal , plz do not insult his/her emotions neither make an arrangement to beat him/her .!!!

…then what to do ???

Give a valid response to the stalker only after getting a criminal background information to the same , if feeling unsafe involve your close ones but do not torture him . Do respect his/her likings but make  a sure clarification that you have yours own preferences ( any one can do an urge but can’t kill you on this disclaimer)

… If you are getting no relief even then , plz put written complaints to all legal counsels as per NHRC , Women Commission or else…If the alleged one has a notified criminal background put an immediate complaint to yours police station , DCP or DIG or SP …and on a next repeat of insult plz don’t wait  but lodge an FIR in Police station or  local Session court. …and if even then can’t stop the stalker, do a call to us. We will block  him/her with our safety circuits . Check our Help lines for Individual Emergencies….


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