Japan Nuclear Emergency- Liquid CO2 may The Help of Moment in Blast Prevention- The Human Rescue Research Repertory


The Ambassador, Japan
New Delhi, India

Respected authority  ,

We wish to inform you that Liquid Co2 (dry ice) may be the help of the moment in blast prevention in nuclear reactors . CO2 is one of the best fire extinguisher even in gaseous form , so it can help in all  the three forms .  CO2 has a high critical temperature ( 31.5* c ) , that makes it a stable compound for delivery at the event site. We use liquid CO2 in our Scanning  Electron microscopy facility for critical point drying;  where we serve the same purpose  with it( to prevent the breakage of the specimen due to increased surface tension by sudden drying of specimen surface ) as is the ongoing  mechanical problem in the nuclear reactors in Japan !!! Consult us for further inquiry.


The Human Rescue Team
A Self Styled Laboratory of Neuroinformatics- Interlecting in  Nano Age World


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