Mumbai blasts: Plz direct concerned agencies why this man died suddenly while being questioned by ATS and crime branch Mumbai

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Plz direct concerned agencies to investigate why did this man die suddenly while being questioned by ATS and crime branch Mumbai. The excuses provided by the doctors are apparently unbelievable. Kindly make a notice that complainer is self a doctor from the apex institute of country. We are suspecting a foul play about the incident and are suspicious that it has to do some thing with Mumbai blasts. Here we are not concerned only for the citizen right of the victim but we couldn’t cancel a suspicion that victim was knowing some thing valuable about blast incidents and got died in the process of torturous investigation by the police . We are informing you and all this will be sent to other legal agencies , media, institutes and citizens as well…check media report for details..

New Delhi: Afzal Usmani, the brother of Ahmedabad blasts suspect Faiz Usmani died after being questioned by the Mumbai crime branch and the ATS on Saturday. Usmani was being grilled in connection with the serial blasts in Mumbai when he allegedly fell ill.
He was taken to the nearby Sion hospital where he died. Doctors attending to him said he died of brain hemorrhage.
But his family alleges that foul play by the police and ATS during questioning. The body has now been sent for post mortem.
His son said, “My father was picked up for question. He was pressurised during the interrogation. The police is to blame for his death.”

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