News review: News by The Hindu -on May 8th- In Dalit Students suicides , the death of merit- is instinctual and with unreasonable claims without checking ground evidences for the same- inclined to disturb social harmony in Institutes

A neuro-informatic dissection- of the news-

Disclaimer as headline- Its a knowledge network release and institutes are not responsible for this

Title of the news is instinctual – how did the reporter or agency decide that these deaths are due to dishonor of merit only and limited only to alleged Dalits ??? Problem to be rechecked in totality . If you are claiming for bias , it should not be guided by emotion only , it should have substantial evidences on earth , that must be cared by reporter self if he /she is presenting it as a news.The incident of Jaspreet , the boy who allegedly committed suicide may have more specific interpretation as-

  • The HOD of any department is not entitled to pass or fail a student and evaluation is a team work of teachers and a final evaluation is taken by external examiners solely so that is definitely not framed in disfavor of a student from particular community or caste
  • In a teachers’ view being failed is equally important in process of evaluation as being passed, of course a student is more emotionally attached with his/her result –

Any student can be failed in any subject due to the valid reasons even although he/she has no previous history of being failed , its pretty natural in institutes and even justified most of the times , if you make a recheck of the process of evaluation- student is not declared pass or fail only on basis of theory paper only , he has to pass in practicals and interviews even and each modality is again divided into many objectives. So the knowledge of whole process is must before making a valid claim. Problem with Jaspreet might have some individual reasons and instinctual basis behind it or it might have another interpretation than relating it directly with Dalit sentiment as per general

2.Why more students from reserved category specially get entrapped in evaluation system has more reasoned explanations-*

  • As many of these students come from a deprived education system with little experience , how to tackle an impractical load of study stuffs or they are not little rehearsed with art of preparing for an exam .
  • Many have educational background which are more suitable for vernacular system , they fail to grasp or get exhausted in competing with ongoing educational system , that is nothing more than a mimicry of the west and almost not suitable for a student of village background solely .
  • Students’ brain is used its a pen drive , a learning process is largely ignored in a teaching curriculum. And its result is, who is not trained throughly by a public education system is feeling uncomfortable to compete with the rest . Educational background of family persons also does matter in student’s academics, who has good educational family background feels easy to compete in an old patterned educational system

3. We need to search out a solution to make teaching curriculum more bearable and concept inserting and that should be demonstrable in indigenous languages rather than searching a answer of everything in caste politics or reservations …its a dictum in knowledge process – there is no short cut to it. We tried to make a short cut and our institutes are falling sharply. They are no more than concept less systems and we are teaching in deed computers and not the students …computers never need to learn.! Who are not trained to make a nice copy – paste are endangered to fall behind.
4. Case of Balmukund from AIIMS , who committed suicide is multi-factorial and is implicated with personal and family conflicts . We investigated it with our own reporting systems since the very moment of his alleged suicide. As we are knowledge networks only we are not entitled to make a valid claim but we can provide you the factual evidences that this incident had nothing to do with a Dalit sentiment . Even getting failed in examination has not a role more than a contributory factor in causation . We are giving you a clue that , the boy had an emotional relation with an upper caste family , which was a root cause of conflict in his own family . The boy was not in happy terms with his own family and had allegedly worst relation with his father . Can you understand now , where you are going wrong with your alleged claim if what we are reporting has little substance in deed. So ,you need a proper recheck by self before making a claim on the basis of reports by an agency for Dalits as the agency is biased in its formation self . It is searching a Dalit related causation only as per its structural concept. If you are biased in your research question , you would never get a valid answer . Come to us and take a review by self , his best friends are what reporting …in which many are scheduled caste or tribe students as per their self description . We do not like to divide the human on the basis of caste , which has no scientific basis.

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