The Healthcare Intelligence Forum : A Knowledge, Insight & Resource sharing space: Learned citizen’s news

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce the trial phase of a dedicated Healthcare Knowledge, Insight and Resource sharing space on the web, which is aimed at encouraging the organisations, professionals, students and general public to share their knowledge about the sector in order to achieve the larger goal of create awareness and optimised models of achieving the goal & right of ‘Health for All’.

Please visit : The Healthcare Intelligence Forum

This space would see recent updates, news and critical analysis on the various aspects of the healthcare service delivery as well as would put knowledge resources in form of posts and media files segregated in various categories for different kind of users and would provide the option for users to put in their contents as well. (About us page)

We would have a separate space for research articles from users, which would be reviewed before displayed by an expert team from the relevant field.

We invite all of you to get involved with us in possible capacities, to send in your feed back in order to extend the reach of this initiative and knowledge help. Revert back to us on dendrytesmail or drrakesh.parashar


The Healthcare Intelligence Team


We honored your feedback!

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