When justice didn’t bias: “BJP wanted to get BSY’s name dropped: Hegde: An IBN live news” at humanrescueintermedia


BJP wanted to get BSY’s name dropped: Hegde

Deepa Balakrishnan


Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde talks to CNN-IBN’s Deepa Balakrishnan

Bangalore: Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde, who’s report indicts Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa and his family in the illegal mining scam, has said that BJP leader Dhananjaya Kumar tried to influence him to keep Yeddyurappa’s name out of the report.

But the Karnataka Lokayukta said, despite the politicians pressurised him not to mention the Karnataka Chief Minister’s name in his report, he went ahead with the report, which is almost ready now.

“The report is ready. No question of me yielding to their pressure…I am beyond all that. I have been a judge for six and a half years,” said Santosh Hegde.

However, Hegde has decided not to take action against the persons, who tried to influence him. “Everything doesn’t require police action,” he said.

Though BJP leader Dhananjay Kumar didn’t mention BS Yeddyurappa’s name while approaching Santosh Hegde, the Lokayukta disapproved his action by saying, “If you are a lawyer, you don’t go to a judge’s house and complain about it. You go to an open court and say this is my defence. You don’t bring other people who are also known to me to influnce me…he had come to my chambers.”

When asked if it’s only about the Chief Minister’s name that they wanted to be dropped, Hegde said, “Yes”.

He also said that they didn’t talk anything about other ministers.

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