First Artificial Neural Network Created- A humanrescueintermedia representation

First Artificial Neural Network Created

Guest_Jim_* – July 22, 2011 05:47PM in Science & Technology

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology are the first to make real what literature and films have been creating for years; an artificial neural network with the ability to recall information from incomplete patterns. Of course, their method was a bit different than the storytellers before them, as they made the network in a test tube and not with electronics. The team created four artificial neurons from 112 distinct DNA strands. To test the network it was trained to know four scientists by using specific concentrations of the molecules. After thinking of a specific scientist, the researchers gave the network answers to four yes-or-no questions, such as if the scientist was British. With the answers given the network was to emit light, either to provide its answer, indicate there was not enough information, or that the given information was contradictory. Twenty-seven different combinations of answers and questions were used to test the network, and the network determined who the scientist was correctly every time.

This is only a proof-of-concept though, as it took eight hours to produce a single answer and after each answer the DNA molecules were unusable. In the future we may see similar but more advanced neural networks, which could have great impact in biomedical sciences. Until then, rest assured that a test tube will not take over the world.

By the way, this is the same team that made a DNA computer capable of calculating square roots.

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