Solomon says unequals can’t be treated as equal so reservation is needed and we say you were right in the first half of the sentence only- Supreme Court afresh on reservations for OBC as per a TIMES OF INDIA report review at humanrescueintermedia

Solomon says unequals can’t be treated as equal so reservation is needed and we say you were right in the first half of the sentence and so a true competition is must which counts only merit as the “”survival of the fittest” is true for all time in the nature. So you had to prepare an equal opportunity for each citizen and let him/her to compete for common goal as per individual capability without any bias . As nature has made each individual different so only selected ones will be able to achieve a specific position in common conditions and society will keep maintaining its difference of gradients for each one and will be able to keep off a collision among its members for a common interest of limited resources . So you can’t replace yours own responsibility of providing equal opportunity to each citizen by reservations . By supporting part of citizens by shortcut ways you are projecting yours own incapability on  fate of the  nation. You were the system and you had to accomplish this job of maintaining the sanctimony of the democratic processes without any preference other than an individual’s knowledge quotient. Instead of creating an atmosphere of equal opportunity, you put an individual of better capability behind a less one and just see where the country is going!!! There is a manifested chaos in the country. Incapable ones are predominating everywhere in each organization of the society or nation and trying to lead the country with their magical approaches for each problem. And we acknowledge this as a mistake by you only as you allowed for a logic in reverse of the laws of the nature. Respected authorities you are calling a self created delusion the hard reality and you are even not confident of yours own analysis!!! How will you guide the nation with this loose confidence??? Yours own people are going to ruin you in foot steps . Revolts are now approaching to the reign of Dhritrashtra and the country is very soon at civil war my incapable lords. -Dr. ashu kumar , AIIMS, New Delhi: An Anthropologists’ wisdom on Supreme Court’s afresh statements on reservations for OBC .


Reservation is a hard reality, general category should understand it: SC

PTI | Jul 27, 2011, 08.41PM IST

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court today said reservation in educational institutions and jobs for the backward class is hard reality and students ofgeneral category should understand it.

“We know what students (of general category) feel. We understand their blood boils when they see students (of reserved class) having less marks are getting admission but they should know that reservation is the hard reality. They should understand it. We cannot treat unequals as equal,” a bench of justices R V Raveendran and A K Patnaik said.

The bench, which made the remarks, referred the matter to Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia for constituting an appropriate bench to sort out the confusion on the use of term cut-off in the law which upheld the 27 per cent quota for OBC in central educational institutions.

The remarks were made by the bench when a lawyer for anti-quota group pleaded that the standard of education will go down if the quota system is implemented blindly without any check on the quality of students admitted in the reserved category.

The court was hearing the issues pertaining to discrepancies in implementation of 27 per cent quota for OBC in central universities, the law for which was upheld by its constitution bench on April 10, 2008.

The two-judge bench was to sort out the confusion on the issue of cut-off marks to be adopted for admission of OBC candidates.

It was dwelling on whether the cut-off marks for OBC should be only 10 per cent less than the marks on which the admission closed for general category candidates or it should not be less than 10 per cent of the eligibility criteria.

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