Information and Broadcasting ministry, India requested to take a review of the survey methodology used in ”Poll of the Nation” by CNN- THE HINDU: The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory

Respected authority,
I Dr. Ashu kumar on the behalf of our inter-institute knowledge network ” HUMAN RESCUE TEAM AND RESEARCH REPERTORY, AIIMS,
JNU,IIT…need to attract your attention to the recent survey  broadcasts  by the CNN and THE HINDU called ”Poll of the Nation” . We wish that methodology applied in these surveys should be reviewed by expert government committee before such broadcast and their data should be checked for originality and correct representation of samples as these polls are claiming big , which might have influence on the psychology of the people and a wrong assumption for matters of public interest may affect the nation in undesired ways. They are presenting public surveys for multi- issues. Check one example of poll analysis by CNN and same is co-sponsored and published by THE HINDU in their daily publication .

Manmohan out of favour, Rahul top choice for PM
Yogendra Yadav
CNN-IBN Updated Aug 10, 2011 at 10:33am IST

In this Independence Day week, State Of The Nation brings you an exclusive opinion poll across 20 states with 18,000 respondents. The first big finding is on what the country thinks of its leaders. Is Manmohan Singh still a popular prime minister, have Rahul Gandhi’s ratings improved as a national leader, who is the Opposition’s most credible face and who is the most well liked chief minister? Rahul Gandhi’s sudden rise to the top of the preferred Prime Minister chart is a significant moment, perhaps a turning point, in our recent history. The CNN-IBN-CNBC-TV18 State of the Nation Poll in association with Forbes India conducted by CSDS records a sharp erosion in the popular acceptance enjoyed so far by Manmohan Singh.
Sonia Gandhi’s ratings continue……

The Receipt of  lodged request to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry , India

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