Why did “Arakshan” fall in trouble- Check this video clip from the film and a Neuro-infromatic dissection of it


Is this a reward to the film which appears quite sensational in its dialogues what was never an actual condition on ground during any anti- reservation movements ? Yes there was no confrontation between people of opposite sides  any where in the country. All protested to the verge but there  was professional understanding between the people for common living and they nowhere clashed in their own although there were differences on the manner of protest. A struggle against irrational reservation policy followed with humble arguments and in the way of sacrifice.

We don’t think that the director of the film even touched the ground to confirm the reality , yes we hoped for that as a so called realistic film should check the ground for whats happening on the earth. This whole work is like writing a science article without an actual research in deed that is never supposed to achieve the mentioned purpose.  And if they had to focus a business of paid education then why they named it ”ARAKSHAN ” . Is not it like playing proxy with the real issue . Hasn’t director rooted the problem intentionally to earn the benefit of controversy??? Yes, its the Bollywood style of making money from the dead. Whats happening with the film is not very unusual and undemocratic although it can be challenged in the courts ( yes this film is two way invoking but there is noticed reaction from one side only . Yes if you call a blind the “blind” it hurts ! But governments are not   the law of the country so they can’t ban an expression on their will ! What will happen if the director edits unusual remarks in the film ??? Its straight answer , film will be thrown to the garbage as these remarks only were making the film sensational and so earning .

This was favorable time for vultures , an uncontrollable vulture culture on run without any fear.  If you are at risk to die , no one will come forward to save you , but if really get dead , some people will to make a romantic film of you to make money from your sacrifice , but there is acute turn in the time that these profit- guided agencies are getting trapped in their own hooks. Among Bollywood films first it was ” Delhi belly”  and now its ” Arakshan ”. We wish to convey only if you find a film on your cause , better evaluate it on the basis of quality of the matter and not the sensation only. If a director is making ”Rang de Basanti ” , please don’t get attached with him emotionally , he can direct the next film “Delhi belley” , which might be quite injurious to your sense as Its all a game for money on the name of cause.

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