Justice Sen sacrificed ??? A discussion welcome at humanrescueintermedia

Justice Sen’s technical favors shouldn’t have been entertained, if those were true ???
Can charged for corruption of billions and mass massacres hold the absolute righteousness to impeach a judge ignoring his advocacy for an alleged corruption of negligent amount in compare???
How judiciary is going to plan a revenge of this, is it a declaration of war point between Parliament and Judiciary ???
You can share your ideas and analysis with us !!!

Indian Express

It’s grave injustice, unfortunate day for judiciary: Somnath

Kanchan Chakraborty Posted online: Fri Aug 19 2011, 02:46 hrs
Kolkata : Referring to the impeachment of Justice Soumitra Sen, former Lok Sabha Speaker and eminent jurist Somnath Chatterjee said it was the “most unfortunate day for Indian judiciary and Indian Parliament”.

“I am shocked to know the outcome of the impeachment motion… Justice Sen correctly said yesterday that he was being made a sacrificial lamb,” he told The Indian Express over telephone.

Pointing out that some MPs of Rajya Sabha, where the impeachment motion was passed, discussed the merits of the order passed by the Calcutta High Court, he said: “If I had been in the Chair, I would not have allowed them to discuss the order in the House.”

He also questioned why “some political party had issued a whip” to its members to be present in the House for voting on the impeachment motion. He claimed that the case was decided by “political motivation” and not “by merit”. “I don’t know what the Lok Sabha will do now, but grave injustice was done today on Justice Sen,” he said.

Saying that “Sen’s case is not fit for impeachment”, Chatterjee said, “I wrote a letter to the Rajya Sabha Chairman about the impeachment proceedings against Justice Sen at the end of 2009. As it was a personal letter, I did not disclose it, but I have decided to disclose the letter soon.”

Chatterjee also questioned how jurist Fali Nariman, who had commented against Sen in public, was included in the inquiry committee set up by the Rajya Sabha. He asked on what authority former Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan had writted a letter to the Prime Minister seeking Sen’s removal.


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