Suggestions to media: Bypassing standing committee would be disastrous ; make it a point; Let not the Lokpal Bill draft bypass Standing committee neither explain health of Anna in magical way – THE HUMAN RESCUE TEAM RESEARCH REPERTORY

Bypassing standing committee would be disastrous : Please try to understand the scientific importance of evaluation of all bill drafts by a balanced parliamentary committee . Let them to analyse it in process . A process should be respected at each cost and in fact its single word answer for each kind of corruption . A punctually observed process creates a balanced law. Please follow this rule of science at any cost. An in-obedience will be an example for future and if we are not wrong this single mistake has capacity to end up parliamentary democracy in India.

What’s the importance of order in parliamentary process ? Bill drafts should be placed before standing committee first or to members of parliament first ???

Yes, reaching straight to the members of parliament would be like issuing a work of research without evaluation of doctoral committee , let it be for any draft . You can’t count 2 after 3 in a valid count . The anatomy of Standing committee is providing it the necessary democratic structure to block a chance of bias effectively. Take fora grant that decision of bypassing Standing committee or putting it after parliamentary discussion is going to start a series of black mails and consequent shut down of the parliamentary system . A surrender by BJP before the fasting team is sentinel sign of those blackmails.

An improved health of Anna is due to treatment and its has no magical cause behind it , please avoid nonscientific explanations to it:

Anna had raised keton and non-mentioned toxin levels in blood ; We thanx to common sense of Dr. Naresh Tarehan , the respected physician who instructed Anna for regulatory measures which are part of standard therapy in this situation otherwise condition of Anna might have been worsened . Citizens need to be consoled that a reputed doctor is taking care of their respected leader, he won’t let him go un-warned .

The Human Rescue Team

A Self Styled Laboratory of Neuroinformatics- Interlecting in Nano Age World


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