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Hurricane Irene

Key points

  • The mayor of New York City has ordered hundreds of thousands to leave their homes as the storm approaches. All times are GMT (EDT+4; BST-1)
  • Two million people along the east coast of the United States have been told to evacuate.
  • The hurricane has now reached land in North Carolina, and high waves and strong winds have been battering parts of the state.


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Reporters: Samanthi Dissanayake

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  1. 1452:The New York Times has curated a list of good twitter updates to follow charting the progress of the hurricane.
  2. 1449:Former US President George HW Bush and his wife Barbara are planning to ride out Hurricane Irene at their summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine, the Associated Press news agency reports. But a spokesman says that they will follow the advice of emergency officials.
  3. The New York Mayor’s Office tweets: Some 7,000 patients in hospitals, nursing homes and adult care facilities in Zone A and the Rockaways have already been evacuated. #Irene
  4. 1442:ABC News has published a live storm tracker, where you can see Hurricane Irene’s current position and likely path as projected by the NOAA’s National Hurricane Center.
  5. Via TwitterWilmington-based journalist Judy Royal tweets: Still no electricity so sitting in my car working with a MiFi card (lifesaver) and plugged into power converter. #pinc #irene
  6. 1432:More from Mayor Bloomberg’s dramatic news conference: “The great danger to us here is from the storm surge, and there’s no evidence that the forecast for that is changing.” Officials fear that a surge of seawater – on top of new moon high tides – could lead to some flooding.
  7. 1428:The Wilmington Star News in North Carolina has photos of the impact of Irene on the state.
  8. 1419:The latest images of Hurricane Irene from space can be seen on Nasa’s hurricane resource page.
  9. 1415:New York City’s subway system is set to close down at noon. City bridges may close if high winds make driving across them dangerous.
  10. Via Twitter Governor Christie of New Jerseytweets Get the hell off the beach. Use common sense and get to safety as soon as possible. Watch video now: #irene
  11. 1407:The hurricane has already battered the Caribbean. Here are some readers’ pictures as the hurricane swept across the region and made landfall in the US.
  12. 1405:At a news conference Mr Bloomberg said this was a matter of life and death. Staying behind was “dangerous, foolish and illegal.”
  13. 1400:Hello. Welcome to our live page. As Hurricane Irene makes landfall in North Carolina, the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, has issued a final appeal for people in designated evacuation zones to leave the city. Stay with us for the latest updates – reports from our correspondents on the ground and your reaction. You can contact us via email, text or twitter. We’ll publish what we can.

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