Honorable Anna needs to go for immediate serum analysis to prove sanctity of his fast ? The Human Rescue Team Research Repertory inquisition on the rational of scientific explanations to it in people

Disclaimer as headline – This query is limited to the inquisitiveness of science only and is not intended to dis-fame an individual but an actual answer to this question is capable to glorify or harm the respect of the subject , but it will be a must benefit for the rational of science in people. Its not a release by AIIMS authority rather its an issue by student’s self styled inter-institute research repertory for human rescue. 

How did we develop the inquisition that process of his fast needed a recheck ?

Yes, we couldn’t explain his maintenance of improved health after reported harmful level of toxins in his blood. As per analysis of reports on his health he had finished his reserve and his health has to go for continue downfall with rising levels of serum toxins. Our repertory kept a close look on the vital reports issued and correlated them with timed physical appearance of the subject. We thanks to private doctors to the agitating team for application of their common sense, they applied standard therapeutic measures to regulate health of the subject as per need of the time and with necessary modifications in respect of limits . After an exhaustive oral re-hydration subject gone for improved vital conditions and appearance due to reduced serum toxin levels as per effect of the re-hydration therapy but a gain in strength without nutritional intervention is unexplained as per our knowledge of medicine. And that improvement had to be transient in effect and must needed immediate nutritional support, . But unfortunately the managing team further censored all the information about the health of the subject and what we got further is a vague and non-scientific explanation for his improved health. As per explanation by private doctors for this sustained and improved health ( yes we noted a disproportion in physical appearance of the subject and cry of doctors on vitals of the subject, but all particulars on vitals being censored ) the subject could do this due to developed adaptive mechanism in his body for prolonged starvation, we strongly object this explanation and call it biased in respect of individual. As per our knowledge this adaptive mechanism in body of the subject had little function once he developed a health down fall. The rising serum toxin levels were sentinel indicators of the failure of this adaptive body mechanism in deed. We wouldn’t had a claim if all these have been accepted as a therapeutic strategy to benefit the patient but what we are seeing that; there is a magical explanation for it and bound of hidden information is emerging son the issue. The Human Rescue Team Research Repertory is condemning such intended explanation of the matter of the science and urges to the performer to come forward to prove sanctity of his valued sacrifice, it would rather favor his image if he could prove it; otherwise a corruption in science equals to sin in scientists’ view and we will disregard  any sacrificial claim by such individual in the future.


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