What people talk on terror beyond borders: Check a casual talk among people of India & Pakistan over the issue of raising terror incidences both side and rather explanations for it- The Human Rescue Team Research Repertory

What people talk on terror beyond borders

(Disclaimer: The comments are copied from the link stating the article; "The India-Pakistan Border Is Visible From Space" and HRT has no authoritative claim over it, we rather suggest readers to visit actual link)


      • 9:28 am September 8, 2011
      • HelloKids wrote:

      Why do you guys start rubbish whenever get a chance? Grow up, get some education, clean your surroundings. Rest will be OK. I am talking to everyone who is involved in mud-throwing here.

      • 11:14 am September 8, 2011
      • Brahman wrote:

      Even today…there was a bomb blast in Delhi and the Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility. It’s becoming really difficult to meet or look at a Muslin individual without thoughts of bombs,suicide attacks etc. permeating the mind. And for this, the Muslims are to be blamed…i sometimes wonder what the hell they are pissed off so at? This is the 21st century and the fundamentalists still have this fictionalized dream of having Muslim states. I guess the Koran have taught them nothing.

      • 9:12 am September 8, 2011
      • Pakistani Muslim wrote:

      To those who claim Muslims in India are at an advantage and are better of then in Pakistan, I say read the reports of UN where it says Indian Muslims are worst off then the lowest Hindu cast in India in joblessness, education, and social standing. Besides, we Pakistanis really don’t care how worst off or better off you are in India, after all it is your country and if you like it who are we to doubt your patriotism. All we say is, Pakistan is a reality and so you should live with it! What happens to and in Pakistan is our problem not yours. Admit that proxy wars are run on both sides of the border. Unless the citizens of the two countries stop drinking this age old Koolaid the governments feed us then there will be no peace. Prosperity will come and go! And for God’s sake stop comparing Pakistan and India. We admit India is a bigger country which was spoon feed by the Brits during partition. We admit you are 10 steps, nay 100 steps, ahead of us. Honestly, we don’t care! If you are so big and bad stop worrying about us; we can handle ourselves.

      • 8:26 am September 8, 2011
      • HinduLorra wrote:

      bhanchod itnay paisay border pe lagatay hain but still 60% of your pop is below poverty line pagal hindu kanjar

      • 7:06 am September 8, 2011
      • Abhishek wrote:

      Thanks to this line there has been considerable reduction in terrorist activities inside india.

      • 5:57 am September 8, 2011
      • Indian Muslim wrote:

      Khan seems to be on some cheap Chinese made drugs & hallucinating. I have been to both the countries & trust me when I say, that inspite of all our problems with corruption etc, we are much better off in India. A democracy allows its citizens to voice their opinions & they can even topple the govt. if need be. Unlike China or Pakistan where you will suddenly “disappear” when you speak your mind against the govt or the crazy mullahs.

      • 5:38 am September 8, 2011
      • Another One wrote:

      Check it out Mr. Khan, Swap prisoners for child hostages: Taliban Times of India – ‎9 hours ago‎ PTI | Sep 8, 2011, 05.57AM IST ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Taliban, which is holding over 25 boys as hostages in neighbouring Afghanistan, has demanded the release of all their comrades from prison in return for the children.

      • 1:32 am September 8, 2011
      • hindustani wrote:

      my dear pakistani friends, you don’t know what is peace?! do you ever had a meal, sharing with other religious people, from a same plate? see, i have two intimate friends, both are muslims and i am a hindu. we are sharing fun, happiness and pain, thoughts, quarrel edfor nonscense reasons, helping to each other etc. do you have a hindu friend? can you imagine these kind of peace in your contry? answer is very simple. you can’t ! because you are in pakistan. you must concern about one thing, don’t blame india for anything! you are not eligible to do that, in any which way. here i am posting one link, ( http://www.brownpundits.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/krishna.jpg ) . its a very very small example for you! i will pray for you brothers..one day you will be like us..

      • 1:28 am September 8, 2011
      • Indian wrote:

      History said that India is a country of Hindus thats why is anciant name is Hindustan . but since muhammad ghori attack on Rajput started the muslim culture and after it the mugal do so……i have many muslim friends who said that theire forefather are converted muslims . do you thing Islam said that…do you hear any case of force converting of religion from muslim to hinduism..and as per the pakistan concern the world knows the the most wanted “osama bin laden” found where.??..taliban.??Sunni Sipah-e-Sahaba.??Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT),…???Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM).???Harakat ul-Mujahadeen (HuM)Afghan Taliban..??Al-Qaeda ??Tehrik-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM)…….?? What is this…you guys want whole Kashmir huh…..!!The area of our only two states Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh is larger than your whole country…first try to maintain your teritory then only kashmir……..

      • 12:53 am September 8, 2011
      • Heyho wrote:

      Its obvious that a determined indian state can make stupendous efforts to seal a border if it wishes to.Good work by all those nameless people.If only the same determination could be brought to bear upon other items of interest,including terrorism,govt funded education,law & order,judicial sloth/corruption etc.

      • 12:49 am September 8, 2011
      • Ashit Shah wrote:

      Very very beautiful….. but always hope it never existed on land and heart

      • 12:30 am September 8, 2011
      • Mr. India wrote:

      Muslims in India have been Presidents of India, Vice Presidents, State Chief Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Captains of Indian Cricket Team, Bollywood superstars, Chief Justices, Billionaire Businessmen, top nuclear scientists and what have you… India does not need certificate from anyone on secularism!

      • 11:42 pm September 7, 2011
      • kundan paul wrote:

      very beautiful….. but always hope it never existed

      • 11:31 pm September 7, 2011
      • DHOTE PRAKASH DHOTE wrote:


      • 6:54 pm September 7, 2011
      • Common Sense wrote:

      Anyone who kills innocent people is a coward and will remain in Hell forever. No matter what they believe in!!

      • 6:39 pm September 7, 2011
      • ReplytoPakistanMuslim wrote:

      Brother (we still consider you as brother) , for 50 Years , you have almost tried everything , 3 wars, proxy war (kashmir, punjab) but guess where did they put you and where India is at this point of time .We are 3rd Biggest economy of Asia (10th in world) and we have almost everything right from most no of billinaires to ever growing middle class.What you have ? Al Qaida , Taliban and Export of terriorism to all over the world.Now certainly there are people in Pakinstan who wants peace as well , that was the QAIDE_AZAM dream as well but guess that still remained as a dream and will always be a dream .Reality is that you would end up like somalia or rwanda , fighting among yourself as i dont see any other future for you .

      • 6:09 pm September 7, 2011
      • hindu wrote:

      i am a Hindu but i have so many Muslim friends here and they never complained such things like you…Mr. Khan…

      • 6:01 pm September 7, 2011
      • Pakistani Muslim wrote:

      To all my Indian Muslim brotherns, Chill out dudes! We already know you despise us for having a country of our own. You are the off springs of the cowards who didnt support Quaid-e-Azam. No need to show your hatred towards us on a public forum. Stop preaching us what Quran says and what Islam is all about, we know very well. Once we squash all the RAW backed militants and terror groups in Pakistan then you shall wish your parents had supported the migration. Till then, let us be!

      • 5:42 pm September 7, 2011
      • Seriously Not Funny wrote:

      Who sold all those powerful lights? Philips Gloilampen? When will they cutover to the greener longer life LED lights? Can a Pakistani businessman, or that nation’s storied ISI, partner with a Chinese firm to supply India light bulbs that consume less energy?

      • 5:26 pm September 7, 2011
      • Abrar wrote:

      I am an Indian Muslim and I am proud to be one. Pakistan harbors terrorists which is a fact. They kill innocent people left right, which is strictly prohibited in Islam (which they consider to be an Islamic state). Those people claim to be muslims and doing jihad … but all those ppl are bloody illiterates who hardly know about Islam … Quran clearly says that killing a single innocent human is equal to killing the entire humanity and saving one innocent human is equal to saving the entire mankind … They will have no place in Jannah (Paradise) for they have killed innocent people … Please, if someone says he is a Muslim, first practice what Islam says … read the Quran … get peace within urself … and I would also add that media and some people are hypocrites … when a muslim kills or blows up a place, he is a terrorist but a non-muslim is not termed the same … this is so unfortunate … I hope all those who keep killing innocent people get some sense … May God give us all peace !!!

      • 4:30 pm September 7, 2011
      • Karthikeyan wrote:

      I wish similar border is erected between India and Bangladesh, as the menace of illegal immigration is hurting Indians more than they realize now.

      Mr Khan(who commented @12:54 pm September 7, 2011) meanwhile seems to be hallucinating, and has got apt responses.

      • 4:20 pm September 7, 2011
      • waheed khan wrote:

      Why we always talked about hatred, violance, extremism, i am muslim, i respect hindu, christian becuase my religion told me, somehow i agree with my indian brothers that, they says that muslims killed muskims, but my dear friends, in pakistan people killing like mosquitoes but Its becuase of false ånd cheap leadership, in pakistan not only one country have alliances, US, israel, want to destroy pakistan, according to our faith it wil increase, but i want india and pakistan should be friend. I am from peshawar.. please we r educated dont use vulgar language.. islam says respect other religion thats what i do… peace peace peace allah

      • 4:13 pm September 7, 2011
      • Indian Muslim wrote:

      pakistan is a backward medieval country, india has problems but is united and can solve it. I wish pakistan did not exist. pakistani terrorists bring shame to islam.

      • 3:51 pm September 7, 2011
      • sag wrote:

      Out of India’s 12 Presidents till date…..4 were muslims can you name one hindu who held a similar high post in ur country?????

      thats the diff btw India and Pakistan,you cant compare the two on a same level even in ur dreams

      • 2:50 pm September 7, 2011
      • sammy wrote:

      Mr. Khan, dont forget Pakistan was created by cleansing out Hindus who lived in that part of the world for centuries before arrival of Muslim invaders. Read your history, Muslims have killed hundreds of millions of Hindus throughout history. And dont forget East Pakistan where you killed 3 million of your own Muslim Bengali brothers. Muslims have killed more Muslims then anyother religion. And lastly dont forget your own country that is killing ordinary Muslims everyday in sectarian violence that would make Gujarat look like walk in the park. That wall you see there, it meant to keep the cancer from spreading into India.

      • 2:18 pm September 7, 2011
      • Raj wrote:

      Mr Khan , now you have your country , who is killing Muslims in Pakistan every day in Mosques , on Streets , Ohh…is it Hindus …no i guess its Muslims killing Muslims.So why dont you preach Pakistan Muslims about sacrifices you made for that country in which you slaugther each other for crazy damn religion

      • 2:17 pm September 7, 2011
      • Laxmi wrote:

      Mr Khan , now you have your country , who is killing Muslims in Pakistan every day in Mosques , on Streets , Ohh…is it Hindus …no i guess its Muslims killing Muslims.So why dont you preach Pakistan Muslims about sacrifices you made for that country in which you slaugther each other for crazy damn religion

      • 2:15 pm September 7, 2011
      • Abhishek wrote:

      Great Wall of China helped China from invasion from Mongols, this Great Wall of India is helping India from people who fight among themselves (Shia-Sunni), blame Hindus and keep no stones unturned to attack India.

      There have been riots, which can happen in any part of world. Recently, parts of England had riots. However, if so called Hindu extremists were killing and torturing muslims they wouldn’t have prospered, they account over 20-25% of population, during independence they were 12-13%. On the other side roughly still 3 million Hindus live in Pakistan, 1.85-3.5% which was probably double or triple at least while independence.

      Mr Khan, When people talk with half the perspective and information, they sound foolish and amazing thing is they don’t get to know that !!!!

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