Bharatpur riots; Please investigate alleged role of state; The Human Rescue Team to apex authorities on basis of an India Today report- “Cops responsible for Bharatpur ‘carnage’, say victims”

Respected authority, plz investigate  alleged role of the state police in death of the citizens in course of communal riots in Bharatpur, Rajsthan, check media reports- The Human Rescue Team

Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg
New Delhi, INDIA. PIN 110001
Tel.No. : 011-2338 5368
Fax.No.: 011-2338 5368
Telegraphic Add: HUMANRIGHTS
Dated: 18/09/2011
Dr. ashu kumar,
Dear Dr. ashu kumar,
The Commission has recieved your complaint and it has assigned diary number as 115004
with the Follwing details:-
Victim unknown humans
Incident dated 01/01/1900
NHRC, New Delhi, INDIA.


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India Todayarrow_breadcrmps.gifIndiaarrow_breadcrmps.gifNortharrow_breadcrmps.gif Story Courtesy:Mail Today

Cops responsible for Bharatpur ‘carnage’, say victims

SUDHANSHU MISHRA | Jaipur, September 18, 2011 | 10:28
One of the victims of the alleged communal clash in Bharatpur is treated at Sawai Man Singh Hospital
One of the victims of the alleged communal clash in Bharatpur is treated at Sawai Man Singh HospitalMohd Haroon Khan, 35, lies at Jaipur’s Sawai Man Singh hospital with a bullet injury in his right eye. He was brought from Bharatpur‘s Gopalgarh town, the scene of a communal clash on Wednesday that left eight persons dead.Empty bullet shell
Empty bullet shells were found outside the Bharatpur mosque.

While the Rajasthan police claim the deaths and injuries were a result of cross-firing between two groups, Haroon and other victims have a different story to tell. Haroon alleged that the police entered the Jama Masjid in Gopalgarh soon after he had offered namaz and began firing indiscriminately. This can be gauged by the bloodstains all over the mosque, he added.

“The bullet could have blown off my head but I escaped by a couple of inches,” Haroon said. Another victim, 25-year-old Ismail Khan, suffered burn injuries. He, too, claimed the police and some “outsiders” were responsible for the deaths.

“They threw petrol on some people and set them on fire. I was one of them,” Ismail recalled. He said “a policeman caught me and shouted ‘kill him now’. Then somebody poured petrol on me. There was a fire outside the masjid and I was thrown into that,” he alleged.

Ismail said he somehow managed to reach a pit that had rain water and immediately jumped into it. “I don’t remember how many others were burnt,” he said. He reached a safe place from where he was taken to the hospital.

An eyewitness admitted that there was a clash between two communities on that day. He said there had been widespread rioting in which shops and business establishments were looted and set on fire.

The district collector and the superintendent of police reached the spot, but left soon after without doing anything, he claimed.

Later, they again came to the spot and the collector ordered police action. What followed, the eyewitness alleged, was a free run in which the police simply went berserk.

The scene of the confrontation.
The scene of the confrontation.

They entered the mosque where people had just finished asar-ki-namaz and began firing at the devotees without provocation. Wednesday’s incident has left Muslim organisations angry at the Congress government in the state. Mohammad Iqbal Siddiqui of the Jamat-e-Islami Hind wondered why only Muslims had died in the so-called cross-firing between the two communities.

The organisation’s national secretary, Salim Engineer, said ever since the Congress came to power, the community had been repeatedly victimised and the culprits not brought to book.

Anwar Shah of Jaipur’s Jama Masjid showed a copy of an Urdu daily that had published photographs of blood stains and bullet holes on the floor and walls of the Masjid.

Congress MLA from Bharatpur’s Kaman constituency, Zahida Khan, too blamed the police for the deaths. She claimed there was no communal violence in Gopalgarh and that all the victims had died in police firing.

In New Delhi, an independent fact-finding team comprising activists from organisations like Anhad and the National Council for Dalit and Human Rights, claimed nine persons had died in the firing.

The toll could be much higher, they said. “We don’t want to speculate on the number of the dead. It’s clear they are much higher than the official figures,” Shabnam Hashmi of Anhad said. The Rajasthan police were destroying evidence, she alleged.

“We found two charred dead bodies floating in the Idgah well. We could see smoke coming out from the other side of the Idgah wall and we were told that several bodies were burnt there,” Hashmi claimed.

Other members of the team said that “there were blood marks on the roof and floor of the mosque. The walls bore bullet marks. There were torn pages of the Quran at two places, broken glasses, bricks, blood soaked clothes and utensils.”

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