Proposed relaxation in sex determination of foetus by Planning Commission, India ; It resembles government sponsored “Baby prostitution” and against medical ethics : The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory

Proposed relaxation in sex determination of foetus by Planning Commission, India ; It resembles government sponsored  “Baby prostitution”, and medically not indicated ; in fact it might be violating medical ethics; would turn into an earning mechanism: The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory
(in reference of a news in THE HINDU on 8.10.2011; Should ban on sex determination tests be relaxed?)
 The human rescue team & research repertory is legally opposing the proposal of relaxed sex determination of foetus as its violating the medical ethics and reasonably endangering the girl child in reverse. Our medical team is finding such idea erroneous as sex determination of foetus is in no case medically indicated. We are also afraid that an arbitrary relaxation in sex determination tests and attached incentives to balance it may  cause a tremendous increase in female foeticides indeed and risks to turn into an earning strategy by either health workers and auxiliaries or parents on the name of girl child that may be an uncalled burden on national economy . Our research repertory is finding such an idea of Planning Commission of India a logic against the benefit of the cause as its affecting the purpose in reverse; an ease of early information of sex of child would rather prompt parents for preferred termination of the pregnancy and an offered greed of lucrative incentive will hardly  block it . We are suspicious that a legal in-approach of the common mass to the sex determination is among one of the causes, which keeps the tendency of selective parent-ship and female foeticides  in limit, so better let not it be easily approachable by the people. Our research repertory rather suggests an approach based on authorized mandatory registration of all births and promoting the girl child on basis of it, than making sex determination tests legally allowed or nonpunishable. 
Disclaimer: “The Human Rescue Team” is connected with the issue legally and intends to register the case with various concerned authorities, the team also pledges to challenge the prepared proposal in court of law  as it might be violating ethics of medicine
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…and a complaint to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare as such proposed modification in sex determination norms is going against medical ethics

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Published: October 8, 2011 01:14 IST | Updated: October 8, 2011 01:49 IST

Should ban on sex determination tests be relaxed?

Aarti Dhar

As sex ratio worsens, Plan panel makes taboo proposal

As the first line of defence against female foeticide, sex determination tests on pregnant women have been illegal in India for years. But in what could end up as a major policy shift, the Planning Commission is proposing relaxing the ban for rural areas as part of a programme of “adopting” female foetuses and generously incentivising families and health workers to ensure the safe delivery of girl babies.

With the latest census recording the lowest ever child sex ratio of 914 females to every 1000 males – the number in 1971 was 940 – the Planning Commission is looking for “out of the box” ideas for dealing with the continued preference for a male child. The ‘adopt a female foetus’ proposal was made by it during a multi-sectoral meeting held here last week to review the implementation of the Pre Conception and Pre National Diagnostic Technique Act and find a way forward.

“Instead of totally banning sex determination, which the government has failed to do, it would be a better idea to be flexible on allowing sex determination — if families so choose — and in case it is a female foetus, the government will ‘adopt’ it,” Planning Commission member Syeda Hamid told The Hindu.

While the idea is only in the initial stages, representatives from the Ministries of Health and Family Planning, HRD, Panchayati Raj and Information & Broadcasting broadly agreed with it.

Under the scheme, the government would ensure the safety of the foetus until it is born through its network of anganwadi workers, auxiliary nurse midwives and accredited social health activists. For this, the workers would be awarded huge cash incentives. The mother and the family would also be given generous incentives – “worth carrying on with the pregnancy,” Ms. Hamid explained.

However, the proposal has come in for sharp criticism from women’s groups who described it as “disastrous.”

“It is an unfortunate way of looking at the situation,” Ranjana Kumari of Women Power Connect said. Parents go in for sex selective abortions and anganwadi workers or doctors had no role to play in changing their decision. It is a mindset, she said, while the government had failed in enforcing the law with a huge lobby working in favour of sex selection.

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Content related to the issue …

India and China Found to Have a Severe Imbalanced Sex Ratio


According to a report of Agence France-Presse, the sex-detection device has resulted in a scarcity of 117 million women in the Asian countries.

Since the start, preference of male child over female has been prevailing in Asian countries like India and China. The development of sex-detection device has boosted the demand even more in the past 50 years.

With the advancement in medical technology, people have been more inclined to access the sex-detection tests through ultrasounds, resulting in increase in abortions, reveals French demographer Christophe Guilmoto. In countries like china, where the married couples are only allowed to have one child, and upon that the desire to have a male child has resulted in a sever imbalance in the sex ration.

According the UN, in most of the countries the sex ration recorded is 106 males with 104 females, while in Asian countries the gap is huge. As per Guilmoto, “Postnatal discrimination – expressed through excess deaths among female infants and young girls – has not entirely disappeared from several countries and reflects the relative neglect of female children”.

Guilmoto further states that even in a period of a decade, the imbalance in the sex-ratio will decline negligibly. After 10 years also, men in China and India will be facing a scarcity in finding a female to marry, thereby resulting in an increase in the bachelorhood.

The Human Rescue Team
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