Kashmir ; Way to solution & Ideology of attacks on Individuals : Re-issue of an old letter news addressed to the people of India when Arundhati Roy was target: The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory

In a letter of appeal to the honorable citizens of India, “The Human Rescue Team”, a community of scientific intellectuals from various respected institutions of the country and abroad in collaboration with citizens, has beckoned the people of India to come forward and raise their voices over the issue of Kashmir. The appeal marks a protest against attack on individuals in the name of Kashmir and denounces the recent attack on certain individuals in the name of Kashmir.

The human Rescue Team has been continuously fighting against attacks on individual freedom in the form of honor killings and other such national issues. The letter asks people to talk about and build“stress over the issues of rights of people, good governance and development instead of fighting over land”. Further, it also states that “freedom of expression and individual rights are not only the pillars of democracy but also the core values of great culture and heritage of our country and we want to cite various references of Vedas (Rigveda 10-191, Atharva Veda 7-52, Rigveda 1-90)…..”.

The letter brings into focus the fact that the whole country and not just the people of Kashmir have a right over Kashmir and calls the common man to express their views and sentiments on a scale which has an impact at the national level.

The Human Rescue Team

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