This winter is conceived in fire, world is waging war : Indian citizens’ concern with Libya; Cry for Help , Obama’s letter to students of India, Unjust killing of Quadhafi and world next : The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory

This winter is conceived in fire

(An assumed-info on next predictions, shreds of our own made news months before and a blog link of earlier predictions by us )

We got child’s imagination and heart. Just some months before when democrat’s movement in Libya was crippling in hand of Quaddafi , our hearts started paining intensely . With incremental angina we tried to report it to the people of so called democratic nations and their heads . A small bunch of guys wrote to the heads of all major democracies, roamed into institutions and on roads of Delhi with posters of rebels, lighten candle at India Gate and in the last installed a sole board banner in JNU with an unprecedented hope for relieve from status quo la miserable with democrats in Libya. It was a human’s sky piercing attempt but we got an answer back from Barack with some promises , we got happy that some one heard our cry. But we are again anxious on the way world is behaving. Its just harsh, there was no need to kill Quadhafi mercilessly . Putting next predictions on the web desk , we need to warn you beforehand that world is waging war next for its unjusts.

  • Arab spring suspects to return with fresh insurgences in winters with a precursor of universal wave of inflation
  • Afghanistan a new zone of inter-nation interest, convergence of Armed forces of India, China and Pakistan along Afghan and Kashmir boarders and play of radicals in between
  • An universal wave of inflation and near fall of major economies with narrow escape for developing countries, insurgence of democratic movements in grand China, assemblage of republicans all along world and conception of reshaped republics in Indian subcontinents

But first check the news of our soul break for Libya, Barack’s answer to us and a blog of our earlier predictions going true, touch the threads of fire …

All Democrats’ Soul Assistance to Libya; The conflict may lead to inter-nations struggle and political world crisis

Crying for the loosing feet of the rebels in Libya , Citizens in India started gathering support for the rebels . A group named Human rescue Team, which comprises citizens along with the best technocrats from apex Institutes of India written to all chief democratic heads of the world appealing for a help to falling democrats of Libya. New Delhi, India, 11.3.2011

President of America replying to the HRT over Libya concern, we urged to Barack to hear our Soul – All Democrats’ Soul Assistance to Libya-

From: President Barack Obama <>

Date: Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 7:42 PM

Subject: Libya


Good morning,

I’m writing today with an update on the situation in Libya, including the actions we’ve taken with allies and partners to protect the Libyan people from the brutality of Moammar Qaddafi. For further details, please take a moment to watch this morning’s Weekly Address:

Sending our brave men and women in uniform into harm’s way is not a decision I make lightly. But when someone like Qaddafi threatens a bloodbath that could destabilize an entire region, it is in our national interest to act. In fact, it’s our responsibility.

Our mission in Libya is clear and focused — and we are succeeding.

Along with our allies and partners, we are enforcing the mandate of the United Nations Security Council. Working with other countries, we have put in place a no-fly zone and other measures that will help prevent further violence and brutality. Qaddafi’s air defenses have been taken out, and his forces are no longer advancing across Libya.

As a consequence of our quick action, the lives of countless innocent civilians have been saved, and a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided.

The role of American forces in this mission is limited. After providing unique capabilities at the beginning, we are now handing over control of the no-fly zone to our NATO allies and partners, including Arab partners like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

The United States has also joined with the international community to deliver urgent humanitarian assistance. We’re offering support to the Libyan opposition and have frozen tens of billions of dollars of Qaddafi’s assets.

Our message to Qaddafi is clear: attacks against innocent civilians must end, his forces must be pulled back, humanitarian aid must reach Libyans in need, and those responsible for the violence in Libya must be held accountable.

The progress we’ve made over the past seven days demonstrates how the international community should work, with many nations, not just the United States, bearing the responsibility and cost of upholding international law.

Every American can be proud of the service of our men and women in uniform who have once again stood up for our interests and ideals. And as we move forward, I will continue to keep each of you fully informed on our progress.


Barack Obama

President of the United States

P.S. On Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. EDT, I will deliver an address at the National Defense University in Washington, DC on the situation in Libya. You can watch the speech live at

The Human Rescue Team

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