To central authorities: Nun Valsa John’s murder; Direct law serving systems appropriately: The Human Rescue Team

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Jharkhand: Family blames mining mafia for nun Valsa John’s murder

HEADLINES TODAY  | Pakur/Ranchi, November 17, 2011 | 12:03
Sister Valsa John was murdered in Jharkhand.

nun from Kerala was hacked to death in Jharkhand’s Pakur district on Tuesday night. Her killing sparked off a controversy in the state.

Sister Valsa John was killed in her rented house in Pachuara village. Reports said a gang of about 50 people surrounded her house. The assailants singled out Valsa and attacked her with weapons inside her room killing her on the spot.

Her distraught family in Kochi said that she had spoken to them hours before her murder. They said she was facing death threats from the coal mining mafia.

Valsa’s sister Leena said, “The convent warned her that it is a dangerous area to work. But she did not pay attention to any such warning. She resigned from her job (in Kerala) and went. She even got a better job offer but refused and continued to work for the adivasis.”

However, there were also reports in Jharkhand that said tribals of the village doubted that she was working against their interests.

Local leader Simon Marandi said, “In reality, she was working with the Panem Coal Mines. She had become greedy for money.”

Valsa, who hails from Ernakulam in Kerala, worked under the banner of Rajmahal Pahar Bachao Andolan to secure compensation for villagers. She had led a tribal agitation against land acquisition for a coal project in her village.

After the murder, the killers left behind Maoist posters. The police, however, were not willing to pin the blame on the rebels yet.

DIG V.K. Pandey said, “We have found a poster, we have to now verify whether it is genuine or just an attempt to mislead the police.”

Former deputy chief minister Stephen Marandi said, “It is a serious issue that requires a good investigation. Till there is an investigation, the truth won’t be out.”

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