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Lady Hardinge doc attempts suicide, critical

TNN | Nov 24, 2011, 01.04AM IST

NEW DELHI: A 35-year-old resident doctor atLady Hardinge Medical College allegedly attempted suicide by jumping from the terrace of a building in the complex on Wednesday. Naseer, a junior resident doctor with the gynaecology department, suffered severe head injuries and fractures in the body and is now undergoing treatment at the AIIMS trauma centre.

Doctors at the AIIMS trauma centre said his condition was “critical”. Dr M C Mishra, chief, AIIMS trauma centre, said, “The patient has severe head injuries and fractures in the chest and other injuries too. We are monitoring his condition.”

The incident occurred around 7.30am, said police. Naseer was found lying in a pool of blood next to the house surgeon building by passersby, cops said. “Passersby said that he jumped from the terrace of the building. We are trying to find out the reason behind the suicide attempt,” said a police officer.

Naseer, also a 2{+n}{+d} year postgraduate student, is from Karnataka. Cops said his family members have been informed and are expected in the city soon.

A senior hospital official confirmed the incident. He said that ‘rumors’ that Naseer attempted suicide because he was not allowed to go on leave are completely baseless. “We have found out that he has not even applied for any leave,” the official said. Police, meanwhile, are waiting for the family to arrive to find out whether Naseer was depressed over any issue.

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