Foreign Direct Investment; Ask governments: “The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory”

Ask governments, have they proved regulatory measures to keep the FDI in control as they are allowing them free hand in retail markets ???

Its not surprising that the govts and citizens are preferring today those measures as solution for their old paining grievances which have luxurious symptoms correction power for a short time being . We had reservations , illogical anti-corruption measures and almost all govt policies, which get a huge public support in very beginning. A new turn in regulatory measures to cope up with threatened inflation is in same line. The economists suggested it with a well regulated system but government is allowing it as always without any regulation . Its like same as you prefer a steroid treatment without strong regulatory measures . A steroid helps initially in each disease almost , a preferred remedy by all quacks for all diseases . But without strong regulatory measures its nothing more than a disaster for human life. By a proposed increase in FDI proportions and its entry in the retail market will obviously help prices to go down due to internal competition and will provide a direct linkage to the farmers but once its an established system , it will be a real monster. Markets will show an abruptly increasing tendency to make loop circuits , shifting the cheap row material to other destinations , hijacking almost all local infrastructure and regulating prices at will . We are seeing the middle class flourishing these days , very soon it will be bypassed and will be put to starve as markets will no more need a mediator . They will approach farmers directly. It really appears lucrative , but do you remember why Gandhi was fighting in Champaran , that farming of ” Neel- the Indian blue” must have been same lucrative to the villagers initially. Again they will get Pizza to eat from their village Mac Ds, Adivasi girls will be new emerging models , daily discounts will allure the people as they are going to enter heaven and govts will sleep calmly with no responsibility for public and huge income in taxes . But all these will start ending very soon , India is escaping all inflations to the great extent due to its farm base which is not connected directly to the global economy , will go flat in a weak wave of inflation , then markets will play their real dirty game. If we not understand the must necessity of well tested regulatory measures in due time , a human created famine will engulf we all. So awake India , don’t allow a treatment of your ails without proved ground researches for them .

Add- Anti-suicide Help Lines, Rescuing Individuals in REAL TIME

The Human Rescue Team

A Self Styled Laboratory of Neuroinformatics- Interlecting in Nano Age World


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