This winter is conceived in fire ; Predictions of new world & emerging conditions in India: The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory

This winter is conceived in fire : Predictions of new world & emerging conditions in India

(A neuro-informatic analysis by The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory)

  • Fresh agitations for democratic government in Egypt may root new wave of revolutions across countries and that might reach India too
  • Arab spring suspects to return with fresh insurgences in winters induced by a precursor of universal wave of inflation
  • Afghanistan a new zone of inter-nation interest, convergence of Armed forces of India, China and Pakistan along Afghan and Kashmir boarders and play of radicals in between
  • An universal wave of inflation and near fall of major economies with narrow escape for developing countries, insurgence of democratic movements in grand China, assemblage of republicans all along world and conceptions of reshaped republics in Indian subcontinents

What’s the hell is going on in India ???

India was sitting on a sphere of false data and wrong interpretations . The country was going led with pseudo confidence of the highest infrastructure growth where reality on the ground was speaking more in reverse . Its not the untruth by ministers but Its a germinal mistake in its basic institutions actually that every attempt got intended for a false target . Teachers were teaching for survival , researchers were doing for articles , and students for exam (…and still all doing same)… and like every one missed his real purpose . People forgotten long ago that money was the mean only and that should not had been the goal. There was a ”Culture of Corruption” in the country which is putrid smelling now.

But why India will be the centre of that fall down ???

India has sanctity in its soul actually, here people accept their fault in advance . If India doesn’t accept , it would go really a disaster. Our Prime Minister is going to do the same… He is a genuine man and he can’t keep going with untruths more. His acceptance and subsequent revelations will be really a shock to present political addendum in the nation . You will start watching instantly that each one was hiding the nudity in his self but was pretending. In the quarrel they almost forgotten their own indulgence in corruptions…and what further you will see that will be the fastest consequences of accidents…that means not that every thing is going to be destroyed , no its the destruction for a fresh start of the new politics in the world and not we only even the grand China is going to be the next victim of this swipe wave. China will go submerged in democratic protests once people start re-winning . THE WORLD COMING IS OF DEMOCRATS AND INDIA WILL BE THE HEART LAND OF THIS RECALL.

Is there chance of shut down all together???

Yes! Simple reason for that is the fast informatics and absolute economic interdependence of the countries up on each other ( ..not the country but each individual who has dependent economy will be victim). A lost confidence of India will loose all.

So what’s the saving strategy suggested by us ???

We just don’t know it , we have to search the way out of this crisis . The Human Rescue Research Repertory is working in advance for this… we are going to arrange a series of subsequent researches to bring out the solutions that could sustain . We would have to be creative. Anti- government protests are not going to help more than displacing the on going systems but this instability is going to invite a manifested chaos in the world as the main culpability of the governments were /are the lack of solutions for the accumulating real time problems rather the corruption. We are still lacking those solutions. We have to research for it if we wish to flourish further. You can be an add to this re-creation if you have a confident idea for the solution of real time problems. Send a friend request at speak this out with us.

Bye and waiting you on screen, our screen already started twinkling in the darkest of the hopes. We are going to lead the time with all sacred in our hearts.

Add- Anti-suicide Help Lines, Rescuing Individuals in REAL TIME

The Human Rescue Team

A Self Styled Laboratory of Neuroinformatics- Interlecting in Nano Age World


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