Suicide Help Line Relay – They hadn’t to do it; Family of 4 doctors commits suicide in Bangalore: The Human Rescue Team

Last week we helped one doc to get live back, it was due to a check at the moment when she was struggling on the floor after an self administered injection prepared for suicide. But what to tell for these 4 , about whom we didn’t get information when they were still living. Help us to reach to these individuals at risk of life in due time, inform them about our “in REAL TIME”  help lines. You can share these help lines on your media, its a free knowledge guidance to Individuals in crisis

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Family of 4 doctors commits suicide in Bangalore

ROHINI SWAMY | Bangalore, December 2, 2011 | 20:57
A family of four doctors committed suicide in Bangalore.Bangalore woke up to the shocking news ofsuicide committed by a family of four doctors on Friday morning.

Dr Amanullah and his wife Dr Navida, along with their two sons, committed suicide late on Thursday night in their three-storey residential-cum-nursing home complex.

While the ground and first floors were used as a nursing home, named Khuda Care Nursing Home, the second floor was used as the family’s residence.

According to police, the family’s maid was asked to sleep in the nursing home. After no one opened the door in the morning, the maid called for help to break it open. To her shock, she found four bodies lying on the floor.

Police said the family was driven to death by debt and all its members took lethal injection. They said the family had a debt of Rs 50 lakh.

Bangalore has seen several cases of suicides in recent months, but this one comes as a big shocker with a family of doctors meeting the same fate as debt-ridden farmers elsewhere in the country.

Some other recent suicides in Bangalore:
November 28: A 32 year old journalist, Smitha Rao, who worked with Infosys Technologies, committed suicide owing to work pressure.

October 18: A man and his daughter committed suicide by consuming poison while undergoing treatment.

October 11: A 30-year-old woman, who worked with software firm Covergys, allegedly took her own life.

March 24: A second year medical student, Durgesh Shekhawat, took her life after being suspended from the college for six months.


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