So many fire incidents this winter, should blame it to computers ? Direct Current ( DC) overload should be the probable reason: The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory Intelligentsia

Direct Current ( DC) overload  should be the probable reason in almost all major recent fire incidences in India – The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory Intelligentsia 

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So many fire incidents this winter, should blame it to computers ? 

The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory Intelligentsia report; (An inter-institute knowledge network for human rescue )

When we predicted in the just beginning of this season “this winter is conceived in fire” , we never meant there will be so many fire incidences in real . We evidenced more than a dozen fire incidences this season and all took a great human toll together. Our media reporter assumed that these fire trails are due to Air Conditioner or Room Heaters  overload, then why all of it this year winter only ? Many of these fires occurred at big setups.  We faced such fires in our institute hostels too. Our research repertory intelligentsia conceived this great query to investigate  as it caused many life loss.
We checked thoroughly informational reports of almost all fire incidences recently, also reported to the highest national authorities for precautionary measures at time. Our repertory got a common finding in almost all such incidences that these fires are due to electric short circuits. Then the next unsolved question was why all of it this season only ? We re- trailed all incidences and in some of the incidences we could found that among the charred things there is a computer, which is hard to be completely charred if its not part of the short circuit it self and it uses DC ( Direct Current ) current which is  capable for causing  more short circuiting if  not protected by fuse and circuit breakers. We all  evidenced huge upsurge in use of laptops and internet mobiles recently due to social and technical causes. Office workers can be frequently evidenced surfing social websites on office PCs  in mean times and a laptop is a common article now with each learned person but already overloaded and insecurely wired electric system in all old and least cared set ups is hardly able to bear this constant current overload and gets heat up . 

Check below an article sourced from internet on DC fire protection

And an evidence based report

Add –The Code Blue”  Sequence of Triaging: The Art to Rescue  in REAL TIME

The Human Rescue Team
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