Investigate; Police mocked me: Kolkata rape victim: The Human Rescue Team

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Police mocked me: Kolkata rape victim

Priyanka Gupta CNN-IBN | 16-Feb 06:44 AM

Kolkata: A mother of two who was allegedly raped at gunpoint inside a moving car in Kolkata tracked down her rapists on social networking website Facebook and took snapshots of their photographs to file a complaint against them.

However, she claimed that the police officials mocked her when she approached them for the filing of an FIR. The police picked up one man matching the prime suspect’s profile and his friend for questioning on Wednesday evening.

They then called the victim to the police station to identify her attacker. When she couldn’t identify him, she was questioned till 5 am on Thursday.

Sources say police found several discrepancies in her account.

The victim had even tracked down the suspects on Facebook. But when the police followed, immigration officers confirmed that the one of them was in Canada.

The alleged rape victim describing the callousness she reportedly faced from the Kolkata Police when she went to file a complaint said, “I don’t know why they call it justice or law. They behaved so badly with us.”

The woman claims she was offered a lift by four men she befriended at a nightclub on February 5. The victim alleges that she was raped at gunpoint by one of them in the moving car.

“You know I thought everyone uses Facebook. I just searched for the name and the image appeared. I was lucky. I can never forget that face in my life,” victim said.

But instead of justice, she says the police mocked her.

She said, “The concerned police officer asked me how is it possible in a moving car?”

“The senior officer looked at her and told his junior today is December 14, let’s go to tantra and have beer. For 15 minutes they said that,” the victim’s aunt said.

A departmental inquiry has been ordered to probe the allegation against the policemen.

“Departmental inquiry has been set up under the police commissioner and no one if found guilty will be spared,” Joint CP, Crime Damayanti Sen said.

Even as the crime graph of the city is alarmingly on the rise, the Kolkata Police now have to mend the cracks in its own department.

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