Misfortunes couldn’t kill battered: ‘Baby Falak has survived,’ declare doctors; discharge likely soon; A happy report of survival at NDTV web via humanrescueintermedia

‘Baby Falak has survived,’ declare doctors; discharge likely soon


New Delhi: India’s prayers have finally been answered. Doctors looking after two-year-old Baby Falak at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi have said that the toddler "has survived." She was brought to the hospital on January 18 in a severely battered and bruised condition. After over 45 days of treatment, she is now out of coma and has been off ventilator support for the past five days.

Yesterday, Falak was shifted from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital to the children’s ward. "We have shifted her to the ward. She is doing fine. We have removed the plaster from her hands and she is moving her limbs. She has no infection or breathing problem now, she has survived" doctors said. They, however, added that her cognitive recovery would still remain a concern because of the brain damage she sustained.

Given the considerable improvement in her medical condition, doctors say Falak can be discharged from the hospital soon. "In another two to three days and we can declare her fit to be discharged," said Dr Deepak Agarwal, who has been attending on the child since January 18.

The hospital can only give the child to a legal guardian. Falak’s mother has come to meet her only once in the last 44 days. Doctors say she hasn’t contacted them for her custody after the news of Falak’s recovery spread.

When Falak was brought to the hospital, she had severe head injuries, broken arms, bite marks all over her body and cheeks branded with hot iron. Moved by her plight, Indians as well some people from the US and Canada have approached the hospital, expressing their desire to adopt her. "We have received a lot of mails but we have no right to hand her over to anyone. It all depends on the government authorities," Dr Agarwal said.

Doctors say it is important that Falak be moved out of hospital soon. If that doesn’t happen, they say, the chances of her developing a hospital acquired infection are very high and then all progress would be lost.

Doctors have so far conducted five life-saving surgeries on her.

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