Mahi; A hope no more , rescuers must be regretting: The Human Rescue Team & Intermedia

With each victim rescuers get stripped of their attitude, accept our condolence , we are regret of an irreparable loss

Update; 14:27 IST(24/6/2012):  Mahi, the four-year-old girl who was pulled out … from a deep borewell in Manesar after a four-day ordeal, is dead, a senior hospital doctor said. Chief Medical Officer Praveen Garg of the Civil Hospital said after soldiers..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Manesar, June 24, 2012

Mahi lifted out of 70-feet borewell, taken to hospital

Four-year-old Mahi who fell into a 70-feet deep borewell at Manesar in Haryana four days ago was finally pulled out by soldiers on Sunday afternoon. Mahi was immediately rushed to a hospital in a military ambulance. Locals as well as army officials declined to give details about the girl’s health condition.

The final rescue — assuming the girl is alive — came after more than 90 hours of ordeal during which the army and several civilian agencies joined hands to dig a parallel tunnel to reach the trapped girl.

Earlier on Saturday night the rescuers had managed to pierce a hard rock — a major hurdle which the rescuers had been struggling to break
for the last two days.

The girl Mahi fell into the borewell at Kho village near Manesar while playing with her friends on June 20, her fourth birthday.

Oxygen was being constantly supplied to Mahi since the rescue operation began. Over 100 officials drawn from army, fire, police, Gurgaon Rapid Metrorail, health and revenue departments, and locals were involved in drilling a pit parallel to the borewell.

Meanwhile, parents of four-year-old Mahi said that they were not informed properly about the status of the operation.

Sonia, Mahi’s mother, claimed that she was being kept in a room and was misinformed by the rescue team about the medical condition of her daughter.

(With inputs from IANS, PTI)

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