Review law&order in national capital; Deadly Tuesday: 9 murdered in Delhi allegedly: The Human Rescue Team

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Deadly Tuesday: 9 murdered in Delhi

TNN | Jul 25, 2012, 03.26AM IST

NEW DELHI: There were a total of 13 unnatural deaths, including nine murders, on Tuesday in Delhi. Those killed included two senior citizens, both women, who were stabbed to death in Rohini. Robbers killed them two in separate attacks and fled with cash and jewellery, in a span of 45 minutes.

The victims, Shanti Devi and Rasam Devi, both 65, lived barely 500m apart in Sector 3 of Rohini. The robbers seemed familiar with the neighbourhood. They broke in easily and escaped on foot.

Tobacco firm manager shot dead in Moti Nagar

A 52-year-old administrative manager of tobacco manufacturing company Pan Bahar was shot dead in west Delhi on Tuesday morning. The victim, Nirmal Jain, had just stepped down from an autorickshaw in front of his Moti Nagar office when a man shot at his chest, snatched a black polythene bag from him and fled the spot on a motorcycle along with two accomplices. The incident took place on Shivaji Marg, about a kilometer away from the local police station.

Jain, who suffered one bullet wound on the right side of his chest, was rushed to a hospital but he was declared brought dead. His body was taken to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital for postmortem.

Cops say that murder motive is unclear as Jain’s bag only contained his lunch and some office papers. The assailants did not attempt to snatch his wallet or mobile phone. Jain was carrying cash worth Rs 19,000 in his pocket that was untouched. “He was an administrative manager and was not responsible for transporting the company’s money. The case is being investigated from all angles,” said additional commissioner of police (west) V Renganathan.

Investigators are working on some leads though the identity of the assailants has not been established yet. “We have rounded up a few witnesses who have provided some description of the assailant. He wasn’t wearing a mask and was apparently young. Chances of the incident being a robbery attempt are slim as robbers usually attack only if there is some resistance from the victim. In this case, the assailant just walked up to the victim, shot him and snatched the bag,” said a senior cop.

Senior investigators said that the murder appeared to be premeditated as the assailants were already present in the area. “They had probably done a quick recce of the area and were waiting for Jain. Personal rivalry could be a motive. We are questioning Jain’s family members and friends for possible leads,” said a police officer.

Jain’s family refused to comment on the incident.

Robbers target Rohini homes, kill 2 women

Two senior citizens, both women, were killed by robbers in Sector 3 of Rohini on Tuesday night.

The first house the trio broke into was G30, where 65-year-old Shanti Devi lived with her husband and son on the ground floor, while four other sons lived in the floors above. It was around 1.45am and Shanti Devi was sleeping in the living room. Her husband and son were in the bedrooms inside.

Family members and police say the robbers were familiar with the layout of the house and opened the door by reaching for the bolt from the adjacent window.

One of the robbers remained outside to keep watch while the other two looted the house. Shanti Devi’s son, Bheem, woke up after one %of the robbers entered his room, but his resistance was in vain. “I caught him and tried to scream for help, but to my shock, one of them had gagged my mother and was holding her hostage. Soon, my father woke up and took them on, but suddenly, a man rushed in from outside and stabbed my mother repeatedly. She fell and began to bleed but there was nothing we could do,” recalls Bheem.

“The robbers then ran out, locking the door from outside. One of them came back and threatened us again with his knife.”

The family called up police around 2am. Police reached within minutes and Devi was taken to Jaipur Golden Hospital where she died of her injuries.

Even as the cops were trying to gather details of the crime, another call came at 2.40am, about a murder and robbery in D17, barely 500m from Shanti Devi’s flat.

Having fled from G30, the robbers had made for D17, where 65-year-old Rasam Devi lived alone. Rasam Devi’s husband had died a few years ago and her only daughter lived on the first floor with her husband and eight-year-old son. The way to their flat was from outside through an iron staircase.

The robbers broke open a glass window pane below the AC on the ground floor and made their way in. The trio ransacked the house and when Rasam Devi woke up, stabbed her at least four times on her back and stomach and fled. Shocked and bleeding, the woman managed to make it up the stairs and press the calling bell of her daughter’s flat. The family called up police and took Rasam Devi to hospital, where she died.

Once the second call was made, messages were flashed on the wireless and a cordon put in place. The crime and forensics team was rushed in and dozens of policemen roped in to patrol the street while other teams were dispatched to raid suspected hideouts. No arrests have been made yet, though. Both families said cash and jewellery – including what the victims were wearing – had gone missing, but the loss is yet to be estimated. “A case of robbery and murder has been registered at south Rohini police station in outer district and we are% investigating the matter. %We have certain leads and will solve the case at the earliest,” said DCP (Outer) B S Jaiswal. The crime branch has also been roped in to nab the accused.

Cops informed but failed to foil second murder

Rasam Devi was in depression for the last few years. She lived alone on the ground floor while her daughter stayed above. At times, the neighbors said, she came out from her house yelling out for her family members.

Even on Tuesday she raised an alarm and pressed the bell frantically after she was stabbed but everyone thought it to be the usual stuff. The noise of the AC and coolers further suppressed her call for help.

For Shanti Devi’s son Bheem, the trauma was unimaginable. He saw his mother die in front of his eyes and even though he fought the robbers bravely, the trio managed and flee.

The murder of these two elderly women who were stabbed at least four times each in the back and abdomen has yet again raised questions on the safety of senior citizens in the city.

A wallet stolen from a house and found in another made cops believe that the same gang of robbers targeted both flats in Rohini. The robbers also entered the second house in haste leaving blood spots on the window pane, police said.

From doing a proper reccee of the houses and selecting two flats with vulnerable targets in separate sectors which were strategically located within 500 meters of each other to planning a perfect escape – cops say the robbery seems to have been carried out by professionals.

What is surprising though is that cops were informed after the first incident and ideally police should have been on prowl during the second incident anfd it could have been prevented.

Police is trying to prepare a sketch of the robbers based on the information given by Shanti Devi’s son, Bheem, and his father.

Even though there is a heavy police presence in the area after the incident, the residents of sector-3 are living in fear.

A neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said, “The back to back incidents have rocked the locality and those with old parents are scared. We have decided not to leave our elderly members alone even for a minute and a male member will accompany them all the time.”

In 4 cases, victims killed and dumped

Six murders have been reported from different parts of the city in the last 24 hours.

In the first incident, a headless body was found in Ghazipur area of east Delhi on Monday evening. The body was recovered from an isolated spot Police suspects the man was murdered elsewhere and his head was disposed of to mislead investigations.

In the second case, a 55-year-old woman was found dead with her throat slit inside her house on Tuesday evening near Dwarka in southwest Delhi. The deceased was identified as Pushpa Devi. Police ruled out robbery as a motive as all valuables were found intact.

In the third incident, a 50-year-old man was found dead inside the premises of a government hospital in north Delhi on Tuesday morning, police said. The deceased was identified as Rajesh, a resident of the Subzi Mandi area. The victim was admitted to Bara Hindu Rao hospital on Sunday and was missing since Monday evening. His body was recovered by one of the housekeeping staff from the bushes located near doctors’ quarters. Police found him in a pool of blood with injury marks on his body.

In the fourth case, a 50-year-old man was stabbed to death inside his house on Tuesday evening in Nizamuddin area of southeast Delhi. The deceased was identified as Sabruddin. Two persons, including a relative have been detained.

In the fifth incident, the body of a man seemingly in his fifties was recovered from a drain near NDPL office in Rohini area of outer district.

In the sixth incident, a man in his twenties was found dead in Jahangirpuri area of northwest Delhi, police said. His body was recovered from the service lane near the Metro station and he was identified as Ajay Kumar.

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