Who killed Jalandhar girl ? Media? Police? or she Self? We are to fight for the victim: The Human Rescue Team

Who killed Jalandhar girl ? Media? Police? or she Self?

Is it the actual sensitivity of media towards affairs of individuals or was it disliking of a woman police officer to the new generation trends or was she innocent enough so cared for their insensitivity with loss of life? Against whom we should complain of?

(‘The Human Rescue Team’ had a real time initiative for the case )


….According to an Indian Express report, Shivali, a BA student in a Jalandhar college, jumped in front of a train fearing her photos will be published by local media photographers Kaur called to shame her and a friend, who had rammed their car into the back of another car parked near a police barricade.

Screen-grab from CNN-IBN report.

Reports suggest that Shivali, a student of Prem Chand Markanda SD College for Women in Jalandhar was with another teenage boy in a car, when it hit the other car parked near a police barricade close to her college.

Eyewitnesses told the reporter that the traffic police personnel Balwinder Kaur asked the couple to step out and do ‘uthak baithak’ or sit-ups as punishment. When they refused and an altercation ensued, he called a bunch of photographers who claimed to be from local media publications. Despite the girl’s protests, their photographs were taken and some photographers reportedly threatened to publish them, come what may.

A few hours later, Shivali jumped in front of a train in a railway station a few kilometres away. Kaur, when questioned, said she had intervened when she saw the two parties squabbling and denied calling the media.

The victim’s brother blamed the media for Shivali’s death but refused to say why they had not filed a complaint.

With inputs from IANS.


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