Higgs boson: The illusion that looked into mystery; A structure analyst’s point of view on Higgsonian principle of mass acquisition and claimed particle by ‘CERN’

Higgs boson: The illusion that looked into mystery
(A structure analyst’s point of view on Higgsonian principle of mass acquisition and claimed particle by ‘CERN’)

by Dr. Ashu kumar, MD

What if a question of research would have been conceived inappropriately?

(Higgs mechanism could be an erred hypothesis and there are Higgless mechanisms proposed too)

Higgs mechanism could be an easy idea to enter into the mystery of formation of the universe but I still stick to the concept that mass should be the intrinsic property of particle and can’t be acquired. There could any unison theory only which explains all origins in one as E=Mc^2\!(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass-energy_equivalence). A theory of mass should be like soul as its neither acquired nor dissipated, it could be unified or distributed only. So I don’t believe a discovery of Higgs Boson but should wait till they prove it and its checked for reproduction by many other labs as science is the art of reproduction only; so if there is a trap, then it has to open some where. The whole particle physics would be in crisis and might be devalued if CERN fails to accomplish its claim. It could be claimed then the greatest lie of the history of humankind. At the same time its pretty difficult to adjust this new invention with fundamental concepts in physics; if we are ready to throw out many previous prejudices what are supposed to be constitutional establishments of the physics then only we would be able to place this new entry which is rather aberrant .

A monster might has appeared in the guise of God !

In my Ph.D entrance examination interview my head of the department (Dept. of Anatomy, AIIMS, India) surprisingly tried to check my concept on basic structures, she asked ” Tell us why they are calling Higgs boson as ‘God particle? ” . I was then little aware of the ‘goddamn’ basis of it , I answered , they must be taking it for root of the all particles as its to explain everything else. Although certainly its not the root particle and definitely there are elementary particles to make it but how much it could explain the creation of universe , it had to be honored with the term ‘God’ , so a layman’s emotion couldn’t be called wrong if ‘Higgs boson’ is really invented. But supposedly the first time in the history a landmark discovery has come with a designed experiment which was based on an mathematical assumption, otherwise it has to be a serendipity only as for sure invention mathematics had to be 100 percent correct.

Prediction of a structure based on a mathematically hypothesized mechanism could have been as uncertain as you have to locate a particle in space defying Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and best example of it is discovery of other basic particles, that were searched in quest of filling the gap left and were hardly conceived with a grand hypothesis behind as is Higgs boson, but Heisenberg should had to retreat on his principle as Higgs boson is discovered now; time and space should be least difficult thing to navigate.

An investigation into the structure should start with evidence and not hypothesis

An actual discovery of Higgs boson may need to re-conceptualize the very basics of the physics but here forget not that, discovery of Higgs boson was a back approach journey; starting with a phenomenon and really get to hit to the the structural basis of that! Supposed normal way was proceeding with previous revelations in particle physics, and finding a structure first and then conceptualizing a phenomenon to it which is usual in structure research; although an investigation of structure can be established on single assumption only; when you are very confident that you had cornered all other possibilities and it had to be there only.

Even if the ‘CERN’ scientists had not been untrue and their statics is really telling this illusions existence, the whole methodology of the study or understanding of the measurements might be needed to reinvent as its to ignore most basic concept of the physics “Mass has to be the intrinsic property of the particle (could any one prove yet that photon has no mass rather than putting an assumption of it?) and its interchangeable with the energy” (E=Mc^2\!); there can’t be duality at the core of creation; that particle and cause of its mass could exist separately although a field of certain kind around it may help explaining all kind of physical forces and gravity itself. And before believing any data on emerging particle in time and space , its accuracy should be balanced with “Uncertainty principle of Heisenberg’ which is reasonable to the core , but is there any method still which can subtract factor of uncertainty from the acquired data?

The ‘mass’ shouldn’t be confused with ‘weight’ while understanding mass acquisition of particles by Higgs mechanism

When ‘CERN’ scientists explain acquisition of mass to basic particles by Higg’s mechanism with pedagogy, learners must be biased to replace weight of the particle with mass in their mind. Be very clear before haring again to your ‘CERN’ teachers who are teaching you the creation, mass shouldn’t be confused with weight and revert to us if you really had been benefited of that pedagogy what stopped me of believing acquisition of mass to the particles by Higgs mechanism anymore? The slosh and soup story & big Hollywood star within thick crowd by ‘ CERN’ scientists were little appetizing to me (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48062124/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/heres-how-famous-higgs-particle-gives-things-mass/#; http://www.exploratorium.edu/origins/cern/ideas/higgs.html)

In the science sin could be not raising the question which was so obvious!

Many might have begun to laugh on my foolishness , illiteracy and idiotic ignorance as I am daring to defy to a 9 billion dollar research and so by an acclaimed center, in fact I am questioning on the celibacy of the supposed sages, but I had to do it on call of my conscience as was seeing an error in the question of research only that is supposed to be the soul of any proposed invention.

Why this holy invention is etching the brain of philosophers ?

The best excuse for this 9 billion dollar expense could have been , it unfolded the mystery of creation but anyone most annoyed of this research should be the philosophers , who are finding now everything head side down since ‘CERN’ claimed it evidenced ‘Higgs boson’ like particle.

The mathematics mightn’t be the right discipline to look into the formation as it ignores much of the evolutionary data!

You may ask me who are you to question them and what’s your authority for that? I am the brain of the human an evolutionarily organized bundle of neurons and each neuron is authorized to question on reason by procreation . It could be unfortunate that humankind has forgotten the very mechanism of its evolution and is believing that creation can be analyzed with mathematics only, and its enough to get an statistics of five sigma SD to prove everything; at least it couldn’t be always true for revelation of a structure in time and space where first analysis of the data acquisition for the event might have gone wrong due to faulty understanding of the inherent mechanisms. Here is a structuralist that bets that structure can’t be analyzed with mathematics with certainty.

Higgs boson non believers are emerging!

The world is full of uncertain ideas and there must be some taker to my insane idea too, to disbelieve the ‘God’ particle till its reproduced by ”CERN’ or else. I am afraid it may go wrong as was the experiment that proved neutrinos can travel faster than light and the inventors were reluctant to withdraw the claim after many warnings until they got disproved with a similar experiment by another group (Neutrino ‘faster than light’ scientist resigns; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-17560379). But this disapproval too may cost some billion dollar and here the ‘CERN’ scientists are unchallenged, even then I should wait for the final “CERN’ outcome believing again that science is the art of the reproduction.

To look with suspicion at each invention is the way to maintain austerity in science

Thanks to my philosopher friend Muneeb Faiq who rooted suspicion in my mind for the very existence of this acclaimed ‘holy’ particle (http://www.philosophical-investigations.org/HIGG%27S_BOSON:_HYPE_VERSUS_HOPE) and gratitude should be shown to the ‘CERN’ scientists too who announced the existence of this particle within scientific limits and maintained sanctity of scientific investigations although there was unmaintainable public desire and media appeal to readily evidence to the revelation that merited to explain the very phenomenal basis of the universe, but its still Higgs like particle only and its approval is still to be done while they are confirming with other parameters. Keep patient and arguing until the truth could revealed to you in fuller size.

A humble argument should be honored amidst scientific community

I humbly apologize that my arguments appear as I questioned straight away the validity of a grand invention, but I was obsessed to the idea that in the science belief can be bestowed to the evidence only. So question every suspicious until you are proved wrong. I am still in believe that any inconsistency in this research should be blamed to an error due to knowledge prejudices rather than though intended. And we should take a habit to look with suspicion at each invention which appears like absolute as an absolute should have no place in laboratories.

(The author is currently pursuing Ph.D on nano scale structures in Department of Anatomy, All India Institute of Medical Sciences , New Delhi, India)

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