Punishment for rape; suggest to Justice Verma committee: The Human Rescue Team Research Repertory

The comments can be sent at justice.verma@nic.in or through FAX at 011-23092675.

The three-member committee of jurists, constituted to give recommendations on amending laws to provide speedier justice and enhanced punishment in sexual assault cases, began its work on Monday by issuing notice seeking public comments on the issue by January 5.

The committee headed by former chief justice of India JS Verma sought comments from the public in general, particularly eminent jurists, legal professionals, NGOs, women’s groups and civil society members on reviewing the existing laws in a bid to provide quicker justice and stringent punishment in cases of aggravated sexual assault, an official statement said.

The comments can be sent at justice.verma or through FAX at 011-23092675.

The committee, which was constituted after public protests erupted over the Delhi gang-rape case, will look into possible amendments to the criminal law for faster trial and proper punishment for criminals accused of committing sexual assault of extreme nature against women.

The other members of the committee, constituted by the government, are justice (retd) Leila Seth, former chief justice of Himachal Pradesh high court, and Gopal Subramanian, former solicitor general of India.

The panel has been given 30 days to give its report to the government.

Under the existing law, the maximum punishment for rape is a life-term, but the nationwide outrage over the gang-rape of the 23-year-old paramedical student in a moving bus last Sunday night has sparked a demand for death penalty for rape convicts….


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