Chemical castration or other castration options in the Rape law, kindly seek medical board consultation before inclusion: The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory

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Date: Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 11:24 AM
Subject: Chemical castration or other castration options in Rape law, kindly seek medical board consultation before inclusion: The Human Rescue Team

Respected authority ,

Our team coordination is apprehensive on the hasty inclusion of some medical provisions in the rape law, that needs a medical board review. Any such medical approach included in the law which might have grave impact on health of the accused should be individual specific and should be avoided from generalization. The medical ethics should also be sought in such cases. As per our information if we consider chemical castration in rape law, it should be part of only reformation/rehabilitation strategy for the accused and that should be volunteered by him. A chemical castration can be prescribed only if it got complained by the accused that a aggravated sexual drive is motivating factor for his accomplishment in the crime & urges rehabilitation. Then it should be considered by a team of psychologists & other medical experts for application in case the accused has no specific illness which could be contraindicated. A forced chemical castration may have null effect to the purpose and it may make the accused psychologically ill, which may lead him to more unwanted behavior and an unproductive life. A long term use of drugs used for chemical castration can put adverse impact on total health of the accused and even a short course of these drugs couldn’t be allowed without a registered prescription, patient selection, supervision, emergency medical services in hand and a must follow up. These drugs are known for occasional prominent hypersensitivity reactions and worst systemic side effects, a prescribed accused must be screened for presence of liver, kidney, heart diseases or mental illness or other specific ailments. These drugs in general are also known for inducing depressive illness in the patients  and may lead to suicide attempts. There is also pretty chance of relapse in this therapy if the same is not co-operated by the accused, can be reversed by use of specific drugs against the therapy or simply even a well followed therapy can’t guarantee the libido reducing effect for long.  Although a well reviewed therapy can help to rehabilitate selective accused, specially in case of long imprisonments, and the accused can be allowed to be released on parole but again it may need to ascertained follow up and may be less practical in sense of other law & order limitations. There is no report for such therapies that accused had gone aversion from crime and neither its’ purposed by the therapy although there are good reports on reduction of recurrence of sex offences by the same accused. In case of other castration options considered, the surgical castration is a terminal approach and may hamper the right of procreation of the accused, once he completes his sentence, and it also requires a good medical facility for the application of the treatment & puts the accused on extra risk.  It may also be impractical in terms of associate law& order problems with it. Although a surgical approach of castration may be applied to repeated offenders with fulfillment of all necessities. Some sterilization techniques, which are comparatively easy & risk free and may show good psychological impact on the accused for reversion from such offences, might be the option for repeated offenders.  But again sterility techniques have no direct mechanism for limitation of libido or sex drive directly and it may be a derived psychological effect only, it may also hamper the identification of the accused in case of repeated sex offences by him as need of the semen as substantial evidence in such crimes. A Finger print profile and other biometry database of booked sex offenders may be a help in identification of repeated offenders.  
Disclaimer:  Suggestions are made by “The Human Rescue Team” a knowledge network by the individual citizens and needed a expert review before application, in no case these are claimed to be of authoritative value.

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