Suggesting ” National policy for Safety of Pilgrims in Disasters” : The Human Rescue Team


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Date: Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 4:57 PM
Subject: Urgent: Suggesting ” National policy for Safety of Pilgrims in Disasters” : The Human Rescue Team
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” National policy for Safety of Pilgrims in Disasters”

Suggestions by: ”The Human Rescue Team”

Hundreds of human life is lost each year in various pilgrimage and ceremonial assemblies in our country, and this year this number can be read in thousands after Uttrakhand -Kedarnath disaster.  But we have no national policy yet, which cared to reduce loss of human lives in these disasters. The disasters are man made and natural both , contributing to these incidences, and we have limitations to keep them off totally, but a prepared strategy and rescue infra structure can reduce human life loss effectively. Our team is suggesting such a plan to the authorities which can be evolved into a national policy for safety of pilgrims:  ” National policy for Safety of Pilgrims in Disasters”.


1. National Disaster Forecasting and Rescue  Co-ordination Center for Pilgrims : To warn people and organizers of pilgrimage on probabilities of disaster related to specific shrines. To suggest them safety measures. To co-ordinate human resource for rescue work during such a disaster .

2. Obligation of safety infrastructure and human rescue system with pilgrimage organizers: There should be an authorized body associated with each pilgrimage which can guarantee for functioning of such facility and without proper clearances for safety by government authorities no pilgrimage should be allowed. In case of violation of established norms responsible organizations should be charged with culpability of human life loss.  Organizers can suggest plans to develop a safety infrastructure of their own with the help of NGOs and government agencies.

3. Training of personnel for human rescue operations: The government agencies particularly National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) should be given responsibility to develop a trained mass for rescue operation in disasters. That training should be extended to the pilgrimage organizers, local police, health personnel, government employees and local population related to a pilgrimage. For pilgrimage organizations such a training should be made compulsory.

4.  Mandatory registration of pilgrims: The attending pilgrims should be obliged to register an pilgrimage plan in advance to the authorities ( government should fix such authorities). That would help in organization of events, conveying necessary information and preparing safety measures.

5. Life insurance coverage for pilgrims (Optional )

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