To the President of America : Grant liberty of life to Snowden & Assange

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: ashu kumar <>
Date: Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 12:55 PM
Subject: To the President of America : Grant liberty of life to Snowden & Assange
To: President Barack Obama <>


The President of America


 In agony, talking spate to spate , calling a president a president :  

Mr. President , we write to you in utter helplessness. Let you to know , that common man of the world is not happy with your attitudes , as you keep double standards. On one side, you express yours immense respect to the Gandhi and hail liberty movement by Mandela, and on another side, you conspire to put the friends of people on t gallows or restrict them to the limit that, no one can dare to be like them again. It is  logical paradox with liberty, what you are trying to make understand to the world citizens.  Snowden & Assange are true friends of common world citizens, as they made us know, that how mighty states are snooping in our accounts and how do they conspire against our interests.

World’s biggest democratic movement is on run, against those mighty states:  

Mr. President , you should have no difficulty in understanding the upcoming situation in the world , as you self have fought in some way for the liberty of black citizens . Can’t you see, the clouds are meeting in the world sky against suppression of common citizen’s voice and conspiracy against its interest. That may let states sink in the fiery rain of cloud burst, if they keep going with their agenda and don’t leave the idea of punishing people’s friends. The common citizen is going ‘one’ against shameless attempts of states to sabotage those , who fight for free existence of people .

We may uproot you from our lands and shops: 

Mighty won’t keep enjoying the same status, if the common citizens of the world go in movement. Mr. President, we are aware with your weakness and will hit at that, if you don’t stop expelling us to the extinction. In growing movement, we may uproot you from our lands and shops, although our governments have already sanctioned to your plans. What if we don’t buy your products and let not your companies to establish on our lands in revenge? How would you defeat us then? Mr. President, we won’t be so helpless for always,  as it’s apparent, once we started making right sacrifices. Let you know, we are going ready to fight the war for liberty and free existence from our farms, streets, roads, schools and homes.

Let our heroes to live peacefully; Grant liberty of life to Snowden & Assange :   

Mr. President , we understand the fault committed by them. Although they might have harmed states , we identify them as our saviors. So be at truce , if you don’t want us to go soon in vigorous movement, let them to live free.


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