NHRC, India issues guidelines for clinical drug trials: The Human Rescue Team

NHRC reports back to the co-ordinator ”Human Rescue Team” on a complaint filed by the team on the issue of unauthorized drug trials and human life loss or associated morbidity for necessary action. The salient points of the report is being provided below:

1. NHRC had instituted a commission to discuss the issue of unauthorized drug trial in India and to frame the law for it. Further, NHRC approved the draft prepared by the respective committee and submitted it to chief secretary, Health ministry India, honorable Supreme court, and instructed the state and union territory secretaries for the health to follow the guideline.

2. The commission further states that it has got confirmed that a draft on the issue has been presented in the Parliament to make the law to regulate drug trials.

3. And, the honorable Supreme court is to take further cognizance of the matter as NHRC has intervened in a PIL on the issue before court and also submitted it’s own prepared guideline for Clinical drug trials.

Further details of the NHRC report can be checked in attached documents or NHRC office can be consulted for the proposed guideline for drug trials in reference of Case No. 2411/12/21/2011

The Human Rescue Team


A Real Time Life Rescue System for Individuals


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