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Godhra- Courts are Going to Commit Massacre , Protest It Plz!!! Although Guilts Might be Near to Genuine Culprits , Not Punish Them More Than Life Term- The Human Rescue Team…

Punish them  to not more than life term!  As no one has right to abduct any one’s will to live, may it be  the court or else,  whether the guilt done by culprit is of whatever amount. If this lethal attempt in the name of justice not got blocked , it will be  a  death parade or massacre  human life  by law  itself, never noticed in a democratic country. It will be disastrous and complete shut down of live hopes, sentencing 31.. at a time.  Gujarat has lost many more lives in communal riots  following Godhra Carnage and justice for that according to  the court’s ongoing logic should be hundreds of Death sentences.  World will be stopped to watch these law proposed massacres. It is against our Vedas . Taking oath of the holy Rig Veda  which is a message of Natural laws and is guide for us to lead a lawful life, I swear that I will protest it till my death even if  I  not  got assisted by our other rescuers. Its a subject in context with nation and a reasoned man might be at difference with me . I have to say , if you are considering for  the humanity it self , you won’t have to reconsider it for a nation, religion or caste. Humanity includes every thing on  the earth. So if the judgment by the court could not get  re- reasoned   I will choose my self for self- imposed punishment ( Same is Not Imposed on Other Rescuers, as It should be A Decision of Self and Not Propelled) ,  as I am obsessively inclined to save lives, its Dharma for me and any thing against this Dharma proposed as human law amounts to Sin in my conscience , … Here I am not favoring insurgents but i am putting a statement in favor of  the human kind. If things could come to improve with my sacrifice, I will sacrifice my self.

( Sacrifice  never means to suicide  , so don’t get confused with it, its to make a holy return to the presiding owner for gained things which you  would love to keep with you,  that mean to make some thing sacred with giving back it to him  from  you received it originally)

Dr ashu kumar,  Central Co-ordinator, The Human Rescue Team , AIIMS, Delhi.

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