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The Human Rescue Team Help Line Extends for More Individual Emergencies…Suicides..RTA, Killing threats,.Disasters….

We are extending our HELP LINE for individual emergencies mainly Suicides, RTA , Killing threats, Sex abuse… Its a prophylactic and pro-active acute care approach and we can’t help more than analysis in a chronic case. This announcement is an add in the protest honor killings help line , which got published or broadcasting  by national and international media . Its a students’ self initiative to guide the people through knowledge in Individual emergencies. We do not accept or provide any thing from any one ( including governments and foreign funds) which is not knowledge. We are regarding ourselves not as a Non governmental organisation but as an individual extension of government itself. Any one who has a valid Identity card of Government or an recognised Institute can apply to us for a direct participation in our rescue approaches.

The Human Rescue Team
A Self Styled Laboratory of Neuroinformatics

Protest honor killings , Individual Emergencies, Suicides
Help Line numbers
09891082658, 09015216082,09650537374
Email –
Write to Central co-ordinator –
dr.ashu kumar , House of Fireflies, Letter box no. 116, MMRDH
All India Institute of Medical Sciences , New Delhi-110049


Maoist’s Trap- A Country Going Led by Insurgents- A Neuro-informatic Analysis- The Human Rescue Research Repertory

Insurgent’s mastermind  succeeded in their  all trap strategies. There is an utmost happy situation for them , they are making fool each system of the country , even  the Judiciary and cause behind their  grand success is  the en-routed corruption and incapability in the institutional systems self . There is a real- cum-projected hopeless situation in the country. In-fact a condition of ignorance of the big presiding officers for the  exact situation on the ground is working as compost for Insurgent’s rising. Our institutions are taking one by one mindless decisions which are proving shame for their own.  A case of Dr . Binayak Sen is  the perfect example of this. Maoists strategists are enough happy on this less intelligent analysis of Judiciary for this case. They worked strategically to make a big benefit of this through out nations . A regularly placed protests in favor of Dr. Binayak Sen is even a part of this. Maoists are taking enough advantage of associating casualties due to  wrong diagnosis of  the system with their own hired agenda. They got undivided assistance of the biggest names of the present. Human right is almost an abducted attitude by Maoists. We could not find most of the big names working for any human right violation issue which are not directed by Maoists. Solo strategy of Insurgents ( which are assisted by resources and techniques from our enemy nations) is to evolute each such event to the pathetic level so they can get the universal sympathy. A good example of this is Nandigram . Nandigram is a composite situation by Maoists , opportunist politicians and inappropriately self – proud governing systems, no example can be better than this , where Maoists made fool the whole nation. Our analysis since a long is that country is going to be fixed in a situation of prolonged crisis , not due to the reasons of development but due to the selfish attitudes of the enlarging middle class, which is en-corrupting any good thing for its own lust. Basic rights of the people on the edge got neglected intentionally in shrewd competition . In place of finding  responsible solutions for the grass rout problems,  temporary measures got advised and applied by the govts. Reservation was one of these. Bringing the reservation as a norm in the systems was like  announcing that we are putting whole nation on regular steroids , that will make feel good for the most for a time being and later it will be an addiction , frustration , mis-minding and collapse. We are not  stating any thing against the benefit of most of the mass as it might go explained but  have to say that governments are running us  in  a direction reverse of laws of  the nature. Nature only favors the fittest and there is no bias in it at all. Now there is a whole depressing condition in the country which some times expressing it self like bipolar madness. No one is understanding what to do. Most of the intellectuals got engulfed by the insurgent’s ideology  just due to loss of self approach among intellectuals. There is generalized Robbin-hood favoredness. The big learned mass who is even not capable of working in his own land is indulged in spread of Maoist’s advertisement  on Internet, they are loving hypothetical revolution because its easy and safe. We can make a long circuit exposed but won’t do ,   just favoring their condition of ignorance for the solution of the contemporary problems. They even make them selves blind for the auto- expressed evidences. They do not speak for the people  who get killed on the name of informers or not assisting insurgents. They do not wish to  even realize that there are no more Charu Mazumdar and Kanu Sanyal in the revolutionary team but is a nexus of reputed criminals , shrewd business men and a few of frustrated ideologues.  An instant realization might end their sweet & long conceived delusion. These intellectual should not be hanged or life termed but should be shown the way out of the crisis as they are lacking intellects for the real time situations. Most of them are innocent interpretors of the present time crisis , they are thinking people for  a change and finding manliness in Maoists. So guilt is of  our own corruption, unreasoned analysis and selfishness and not of Dr. Binayak Sen like people. Up-to this was our hypothesis and now is the solution of the time, we are following each crisis unto the action threshold and coming with the best possible solution for that. Our time taking is only for that as people are not responding for the pre- diagnosed   solutions. The middle class is in the biggest delusion , it won’t realize until get punished for its irresponsible behaviors.  There is days coming of the marginalized people and all the strategies of each organized sector is targeted to them , not because they are getting sentimental for them but they are the new instruments of the sinking  market  ,  either it be medias , multinational companies or insurgents. So we have to be circumscribed for the real benefit for that part of the society , who is getting trapped in false hopes as reservations, revolutions and red states , but no one of such hope provider is working for education , health, roads and like to living law and order (and if any one dares they try to kill him0, that can be done by just accumulated wills. We self protected how much people in a half year ,  we challenge that  a fraction of that not got saved by  the whole system in the mean time. A common man who dares  to live independently in  the country is on  the risk of – to be killed by any of these- by his home people ,  a party man , police or insurgents. There is no way out for individuals in the country and no human right activist is conscious for that. You will be given some attention only after killing if you are so stated Dalit, a party member , a Maoist but no one will speak for you you are just an individual , you are  just no caste, no party and not an insurgent . We are working to rescue  just those individuals.  If a dozen of masterminds are succeeding in regulating the nation from Jungals , we can surpass them in masterminding. We will fight the politics of terror and depression with hope and information. A right information can be more stumbling than a bullet. We will fight this war with the pure knowledge. We  just can’t   let the democracy be engulfed  of crisis by a conspiracy of miscreants and blindness of selfish people. Its self imposed moral responsibility on us,  to make the nation assured that the country will be led by  the scientists, teachers and other learned persons and not by Insurgents .

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