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JNU MMS Scandal – A Neuro-informatic Analysis– Putting Questions on the Desk- A Report by The Human Rescue Research Repertory

We just got mailed back by the Commissioner of Police , Delhi that he acknowledged our FIR request in the case , It costed at least two dozen times  to reminded him that an FIR is must as its an act against individual existence  and till today we are just with an acknowledgement only.

Why not an FIR ???

It seems that case is now in a no responsibility zone . JNU administration has performed its best but even they transferred this responsibility to the state. Definitely we can’t aspect a university at present political status to be more sensible than this, but they should be responsible for it.

What questions we asked to JNU administration in RTI and why it not got answered yet???

1. Have you lodged an FIR in the case as its a prima facie criminal act, if not then why???

2.What are you doing to rehabilitate the solely victimized ???

3. What are the particulars of victims as its now a socially interpretated case and needs determined rehabilitation ???

We did not get answers till today, RTI was filed on the day of broadcasting the of news although we were aware of the matter the earliest since The Republic day, this year.

Why we are insisting with FIR???

 Although the possible culprits got some punishment , its not stopping the further acts of reaction in between family of victims and actants . Our exprience tells that it can go to any extent as it involves social prestige . An FIR can keep this in check as it legally notifies the involved ones and at least a justice in this case will be helpful to prestop another similar acts which endangers individual identity. At all an FIR is first thing to be done in Prima facie criminal acts and not the last thing.

We got repeated mails from JNU scholars that even girl should be braught under scanner as she is a consent in act. Is it a cause behind no FIR yet???

Lets answere some genuine question before further proceedings.

Where is girl ??? Has any one tried to consult her in authorised way??? What her family says about punishing the guilty???Are they willing at all???

Why girl is out of news since she placed last slap on boy’s face when she acknowledged that she got raptured and her honor is now on the road.???

Can any of you suggest answer in these questions??? We just can’t.

Now an analysis of the porn clip of  the concern

We are the most illiterated one on this perspect , we had banned our team members to watch the video on the basis of morality and they fired  on back  each other, how  can  we check the reality then ???

As per analysis of still pictures of  the video on net and in papers and interview of nearby  residents of concerned campus , who watched it as per need-

1.Girl is  a definite part of the porn shooting with consent but it doesn’t involves third ones directly and video may be a source of adventure by couple and not for socialization or sell.

2. Video got editing later in expert hands when couple got  breakup ( as per hear say , they gone an announced breakup with a social event when girl was supposed to go for arranged marriage, this shows that they had good attachment  at least till that day.)

3. Release of video may be due result in reaction of hurt affections and it was not a programmed act.

So can we regard  this case as  accidents of adventures or a Real breach of  the conduct rather than thinking it as a conspiracy against society  morals or a mean of earning initialy ??? (…of course these things later have a role in progression of  the story .)

What’s the role of media  and how much responsibly  they are behaving ???

We advised Editor of Mid Day News, they should not had put these nude pictures on the page (as pictures published or broadcasted by medias are  not disguising identity and private parts of actors effectively and all  but few are very much keen to buy the instinct of people  directly or indirectly) and same advice is for others . We were pretty sure that the moving video will come in hands of media within days and they will play with it with same instinct as else are doing till yet.Here is the reason why did we not accept to watch the video offered by JNU guys as no one was going to share the responsibility to put a break on it.

So what’s the future of the case???

Probably there will be no FIR on state responsibility as state is not confirming responsibility for any thing these days.

Future may be a PIL by us,  we have adequate quality legal assistance .

Then what we are waiting for???

We are observing the timed response of police and really waiting for a call on our Help Line by victims as self intiative has its own dangers.

Are all equally culprit who are noticed in the case???

 Nop! Their roles should be differentiated and all not should be equally punished. Some may only be indirect associations in the act.That’s why an FIR is must in this case.

Suggestions are cordially invited to improve the report.


JNU MMS SCANDAL- FIR GOT REGISTERED, WE BROKEN THE FAST, DCP CONGRATULATED US/ its not so, they just cheated us!!! We are big fool!!!

Now let her know that GUYS OF HEAVEN re-honored her. She is no more a cursed. We washed all evil from her, she is blame less now. JNU fragrant with RIG chants still. Tell to her  ‘HUMAN RESCUE TEAM” has invited her to be a rescuer. Its only way to heaven now.



The   Commissioner of Police,   Delhi


Subject: About socializing porn CD of a undergraduate girl student in JNU by her so called boy friend , who is postgraduate student of same institute.





Sir/ Ma,am

I Dr ashu kumar a postgraduate student in AIIMS  on behalf of THE HUMAN RESCUE TEAM , which is a knowledge group by students of apex institute of country and citizens and helps individuals  in emergency conditions , want to take your attention about the much stated porn shooting case in JNU. As per my friends in JNU , who are not ready to disclose their name, the girl shown in the video was in living in relationship for long time with the boy shown in CLIP.Both were staying together in Tapti Hostel jnu. They gone breakup due to some family reason and in reaction boy cheated girl . We are not confident of story but as CD was moving in campus for long time and now its Online probably. So our request to you is, kindly do needful to save the prestige of girl otherwise girl may commit suicide or may be tortured by family persons. You are even requested to file a FIR against the BOY and associated culprits. Whatever we know, we are ready to state that in court.


Yours sincerely

Dr. ashu kumar

Hostel- MMRDH

Room No.- 116



The Human Rescue Team

09891082658, 09015216082,09650537374

Email –





ARUSHI MURDER CASE: TOUCH DNA MAY BE HELPFUL AND SO ANALYSIS OF EXCLUSION; Assumption of Revelation by Scanning Electron Microscopy & Further Guidance – The Human Rescue Team & Research Repertory


Its DNA profiling from desquamated body cells from the spot of act.



Yes contamination will affect the exclusive diagnosis , but it wont miss any identity. DNAs are very specific and respective to person . In case of contamination more samples from different sites may be required . But in this case most of the identified persons will be family person it self , not because they are culprit , but because incident has occurred in home itself and at any time samples from home will show family persons. It would be normal finding only. But touch DNA wont miss a new person at the incident site. As because this is too late , its difficult to get intact cells and required number. But in even this condition test sd be tried. Hairs may prove wonder . They are good sample for late cases.


Finger prints are 100 % proved method , surer than DNA profiling , can solve the case alone. But problem with finger printing is , samples should be taken before reconstruction of incident site. This should be first thing to be done actually and should be taken from maximum sites suspected.One of the biggest problem with finger printing is that average people have idea about this and with proper application of GLOVES and DRESSES accused may cheat the investigation.But even then accused may miss some sites to be precaution-ed if some members are not acquainted with scientific concepts of finger printing. So samples should be taken from widest area possible and from multiple sites. Re-entry of the accused or some other person at incident site could be denoted if matched with other evidences.


No test can fail completely . Each test will provide some clue even if corrupted so an integrated method and analysis should be involved. In the cases where incidents occur in home places , suspicion on family persons is natural and in such cases Analysis of Exclusion should be applied. A single proved evidence for the new persons may may lead the case towards solution.


Narco- analysis is good for layman testing and analysis would be severely corrupted if accused is habitual with such crimes or has drug addiction or alcohol habits.


-Further Guidance- Revelation by Scanning Electron Microscopy- A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a type of electron microscope that images a sample by scanning it with a high-energy beam of electrons in a raster scan pattern. The electrons interact with the atoms that make up the sample producing signals that contain information about the sample’s surface topography, composition, and other properties such as electrical conductivity( An easy introduction from WiKi)

….Why to do SEM ???

SEM is the single best investigation available that reveals the all truth.. just nothing can be escaped if got added with expert analysis. But this modality till yet got little experimented for solving problem of present contexts. Our experiences are evidencing the same. Some of the difficult cases got dealt with the incidental approach of investigation agencies to these pure science is a case came to the Department of Anatomy , AIIMS… investigators were wishing to know for a suspected forgery document that it got signed first or stamped first. SEM evident-fully helps in diagnosing these surface mysteries.

Where in India SEM facility for legal forensics are available???

..This facility is available in Finger Print Investigation … Kolkatta ( Near CNMC Medical College)

in addition its available in EM facility (  Deptt. of Anatomy), AIIMS…JNU..and..

Helplines; Honor killings, Accident, Rape , Murder; The Human Rescue Team Help Line: A proactive approach to save Individuals


Afraid of getting killed???

A right information can save you!!!

Call Human Rescue Team

A joint initiative by students of AIIMS. JNU, TISS….& intellectual citizens

मानव बचाव दल
The Human Rescue Team

Protest honor killings – Help Line numbers
09891082658, 09015216082,09650537374
Email –
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